January 21st, 2010

The Amazing Race 16 – Cast Revealed

The new season kicks off February 14th.

Here’s a look at all the teams:

Caitlin Upton, 20, Lexington, S.C., Model-Actress

Brent Horne, 28, Columbia, S.C., Model-Advertising

Relationship: Dating Models


Louis Stravato, 47, Providence, R.I., Undercover Detective

Michael Naylor, 45, Providence, R.I., Undercover Detective

Relationship: Detectives


Steve Smith, 57, Encinitas, Calif., Baseball Coach

Allie Smith, 23, Encinitas, Calif., Marketing

Relationship: Father-Daughter


Jeff Schroeder, 31, Norridge, Ill., Salesman

Jordan Lloyd, 22, Charlotte, N.C., Receptionist

Relationship: Newly Dating (and former Big Brother contestants)


Monique Pryor, 39, West Orange, N.J., Attorney

Shawne Morgan, 39, Bowie, Md., Attorney

Relationship: Moms-Attorneys


Jet McCoy, 30, Ada, Okla., Cowboy

Cord McCoy, 29, Tupelo, Okla., Bull Rider

Relationship: Brothers


Adrian Davis, 40, Arlington, Texas, Medical Sales

Dana Davis, 39, Arlington, Texas, Market Manager

Relationship: Married


Jody Kelly, 71, Round Rock, Texas, Personal Trainer

Shannon Foster, 22, Georgetown, Texas, Healthcare Outreach Contract Analyst

Relationship: Grandmother-Granddaughter


Carol Rosenfeld, 47, Los Angeles, Consultant

Brandy Snow, 40, Los Angeles, Actress

Relationship: Dating


Daniel Pious, 24, Barrington, R.I., Financial Advisor

Jordan Pious, 22, Barrington, R.I., Strategic Consultant

Relationship: Brothers


Joe Wang, 42, El Segundo, Calif., Software Salesman

Heidi Wang, 37, El Segundo, Calif., Homemaker

Relationship: Married

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