July 12th, 2011

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 – Episode # 5

Sorry guys

Cease & Desist Notification

TVWorks Limited owns, or holds a valid licence to, the copyright, intellectual property and moral rights associated with “the Material” [New Zealand's Next Top Model - all seasons, all episodes]

You are displaying the Material or have published the Material on YouTube and your website, realitytvfan.org

You are not licensed to publish, copy or distribute the Material. This email is notification that you must immediately cease and desist any use or distribution of the Material. This notification is without prejudice to our right to claim against you for your infringing use of the Material.

Signed for and on behalf of TVWorks Limited

Clare Bradley
Legal Counsel

If you are outside New Zealand and cannot watch the episodes on the official TVWorks website I implore you to send them at email or tweet @tv3nz or replies@tv3.co.nz expressing how stupid a decision it is to prevent the show being shared with the world via the Internet and vastly limiting their own audience and fanbase.

However I cannot go against C&D demands so will be taking down existing episodes and won’t be able to post the finale :(

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April 10th, 2009

Site News: New Zealands Next Top Model, Chopping Block and Apprentice UK updates

Just some updates for those wonder what’s going on with a few shows. Bad news is that the new show I just started posting, Chopping Block, has been axed. Five episodes have aired in total and they say they may air the others at some point in the future — I have posted the first two episodes, the other three are proving impossible to find and since it is now axed I am going to give up looking. If the whole season ever becomes available I will post it.

More bad news, The Apprentice UK is proving hard to get a hold of — all sources I have used to far have had the videos removed very quickly, from youtube to megavideo. As you know I don’t have the time or desire to spend hours each week searching for and updating video links, so unless I can find a good source soon it looks like I won’t be able to bring you the rest of this series.

Finally, some good news! Over the weekend I will be uploading the first ever cycle of New Zealands Next Top Model that began a few weeks ago. Four episodes have already aired and I have them ready and waiting.

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