If you have any questions related to this site please read these FAQs before emailing me, hopefully your answer will already be here.

* Who is Admin?
Admin is Viki, a 31 year old female from the UK who initially started this site because she had is a genuine Reality TV Fan and wanted a place to house her handful of youtube uploads.

* Why do you have so many different accounts, wouldn’t it be easier to just have one?
It would be easier, a lot easier…but it means that if a video got removed for copyright infringement as they often do, the whole account would go with it…even the videos that have nothing to do with the complaint. With separate accounts at least when it happens, it only wipes out one show.

* So how much money to you get each month in donations?
Not a lot, maybe about $20 a month averaged out. Although the donations are appreciated, I don’t expect them and I don’t rely on them – so when I do get something it’s a great bonus.

* Who sings the theme song to The Biggest Loser Australia?
It’s a song called ‘Lift’ and it’s by an Australian artist called Shannan Noll.

* Why don’t you upload some shows yourself – such as America’s Next Top Model and Big Brother USA, but rather link to other peoples videos?
I prefer to create and link to my own videos for many reasons, if I am linking to someone else’s it is because I have tried to upload the show in question before and had the video(s) removed. It is not my goal for RealityTVFan.org to play cat and mouse with the people who don’t want their videos online, so I stick to only uploading shows that I know will still be around in months and years time for all to enjoy.

* Is there any way in which I can help RealityTVFan.org?
Comments are always much appreciated, both here the site and at youtube. Donations are always gratefully received. Telling your friends to pop a long for a visit helps. Linking to the site if you have a website of your own is awesome. Linking to the site at any relevant communities you are a part of really helps a lot, such as message boards, facebook groups, social networking sites and the like.