November 6th, 2008

Top Design 2 – Episode 9

Here we go, I managed to find the episode on Megavideo, full credit to user ‘AK2K4′ who is uploading it there, hopefully they will continue to do so with the rest of the season :) I am not actually following this show myself, so if any one could confirm it is the correct episode that’d be great, thanks. Enjoy.


November 6th, 2008

Site News: Back in town

Hello fellow Reality TV Fans, I am back from my wee break and it’s great to be home — back on my own computer with all my own programs and files and plugins, happy days.

Here are my immediate plans

  • Resume uploading Big Brother Aus 5, I did mention here that I wouldn’t be posting any more episodes while I was away, but forgot to mention it on the channel page as I had planned to…so have received many emails and PMs about it while I was gone. Apologies for leaving you hanging!
  • See if I can find a new source for Top Design, the previous account I was using was suspended. Unfortunately the show doesn’t garner enough interest to make it worth my while uploading it myself elsewhere, so if I can’t find someone else who is posting it I probably won’t be able to bring the rest of the season to you. If you happen to know of any one, please help me out by letting me know :)
  • Update the earlier episodes of The Amazing Race 12 to working links as the videos have recently been removed.

And to answer a few other questions I have had from several people while I have been away:

Will you be posting Dead Set? — No
Will you be posting XFactor? — No
Will you be posting I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here? — No

Later ya’ll :)

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