February 25th, 2010

Top Chef 3 – 4 Star All Stars

Eight chefs return from the previous seasons to compete against each other for $20,000 for their team’s selected charity, and Season Three’s contestants are introduced.


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February 22nd, 2010

Site News: A Few Updates

Good day all.

Just a few minor notes to share with you.

* The Biggest Loser USA is off air for a few weeks because of the Olympics, that’s why no episode was posted last week and won’t be next week either. It returns on March 3rd.
A great resource for keeping up to date with shows is Next-episode.net, I have been using them for years – they list most of the shows from around the world and you simply add the ones you watch to your watchlist – it’ll let you know what shows are on today, tomorrow and even yesterday and if you want to know when a show returns from a break or for a new season you can check that there also :)

* Launch My Line – I am still looking out for that elusive episode # 8 but I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s not going to emerge :(

* Shear Genius – As with most Bravo shows these episodes prove very hard to first find, and then keep online! I am always looking for the most recent episodes and as soon as they appear I add them to the site – but I don’t have any control over when I can get them so please be patient!

* Top Chef – I am going to make a start of season 3 in a few days time, starting off with a special episodes where chefs from seasons 1 and 2 compete against each other!

And finally if you have a spare moment please take the time to check out one of RealityTVFan.orgs new sponsors.

You can visit UK Penny Auctions via either this link or via the big banner at the top of the site – they are a brand new UK based Penny Auction site where you can win the latest gadgets, gizmo’s and gorgeous items for a fraction of the usual price. To get started you just need to register and purchase a bid package, and then make sure you don’t get too hooked ;)

OK that is all.

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