January 19th, 2010

Site News: Internet Issues Revistied

So some of you may remember I posted this at the start of December, and will have no doubt seen me moaning about it ever since.

The basic gist being my ISP started ‘Taffic Management’ and my connection went totally down the pan – extremely slow P2P, extremely slow web downloads and uploads, extremely slow general speed and streaming was made impossible.

I have been trying to move away ever since but since I was signed up to a 12 month contract they were refusing to let me go (without paying a hefty penalty).

The good news is after much wrangling, I am now out of my contract and free to move to a new ISP – Phew. It will still unfortunately be a few weeks before I am away from them as migration can take a while – but once I am outta there normal service will resume in terms of how fast I can post things and the volume.

In related news I am going to be posting Dancing on Ice, but due to the throttled P2P it’s taking a lifetime – hopefully it will be up tomorrow.

Launch my Line episode # 6 has not been posted yet because I can’t get hold of it, unrelated to my ISP issues – but as you should know by now if you are a regular visitor to RealityTVFan.org I am constantly on the look out and will post it as soon as I can :)

I am uploading the next episode of Top Chef 2 now, but progress will continue to be slow on it until I am moved away.

Thank you for your patience :)

Finally, if any one reading this is considering going on O2 Access – please think again – run for the hills – they’re atrocious in every sense.

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