August 18th, 2009

Big Brother 10 UK – Who is your favourite?

Can you believe there are less than three weeks to go now before the winner of Big Brother 10 UK will be crowned? I’d be interested to know who you are all supporting and who you’d like to win — my personal favourite was evicted last Friday night and I feel a little lost now, I didn’t think Freddie would win but I did believe he’d be there until the final week and that I would always have him to support.

So tell me, who is your favourite and why should I be supporting them too? Do you believe your favourite actually has a chance to win the show? Have they always been your favourite?

I am leaning towards Siavash, Rodrigo or at a push Sophie or Marcus.

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October 22nd, 2008

Opinion: Survivor All Stars

Please note that the below is filled with spoilers, if for some reason you didn’t see this season yet and plan to watch it, do not continue reading.

Yeah, so I am about 4 years slow with this I know — but I literally just finished watching Survivor All Stars tonight. Survivor is uncategorically my all time favourite reality show, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it for the first time (season 9) and immediately got my hands on the previous season, but when I saw that it was an all stars, featuring people from the first 8 seasons I decided to try and get a hold of them all and watch them before all stars.

It took me 4 years to do it but I finally got there, I could have just gone through them all in a flash, but I have patience and I wanted to really enjoy them so I took it slow…only ever starting on a new season when there wasn’t a current one on (and with 2 seasons per year that’s harder than it sounds) and only allowing 3 episodes per week maximum!

I did know before the season started that Amber won, Rob came second and that he was hated and she was accused of riding his coat tails all the way there. But I knew nothing else.

So all the twists and turns and drama had me totally hooked. Knowing that Rob and Amber did end up together it seemed obvious to me they were for real, and I couldn’t see how people thought it was fake at the time. I also couldn’t understand why Rob was so hated by the fans — until about half way through when even I got tired of his wise cracking and the way he and Amber seemed to get every thing handed to them on a plate and were untouchable.

Over all it was a freaking awesome season. Amazing.

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September 10th, 2008

Opinion: Big Brother 9 UK, What the producers did right

Now that the series is all said and done, what did the producers do this year that really worked? What do they deserve credit for? What would you like to see again?

I’ll start off with a few:

* Eviction announcements from studio.
Exactly how it should be, they still got glimpses of public opinion via people shouting over the wall and the like, but not allowing them to hear crowd chants has definitely kept them in the dark a lot more than in previous years.

* The Structure.
I have appreciated the structure this year. Every day (except Thurs?) there was something to tune in for…Sat HOH, Sun Heaven/Hell swap, Mon nominations, Tues task starts and Nominations announced, Weds task ends, Fri eviction.

* The task room(s)
I’d much rather the space be used for a task room than a house next door or hidden room. Imagine the tasks we wouldn’t have had space for this year without it? The cycling task, OK GO video, police line up, cake making etc etc

Add yours :)

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August 14th, 2008

New Feature: Opinion

I have decided it’s time to get a little more personal with this site – I am afterall, a genuine reality tv fan. That’s why I bought this domain, to house my handful of youtube videos and share my thoughts and opinions on the shows I love – and it’s just sort of grown into what it is now and the personal touch has got a little lost.

So over the coming weeks I’ll be letting you know which is my ultimate all time favourite reality show (hint, the new season starts September 25th!), talking about the current Big Brother UK housemates and so much more.