October 2nd, 2008

Site News: Got a Sidereel account?

I could do with some help from any of you lovely people who currently use Sidereel. Around a week ago I started having issues with a handful of users who own/run several sites in a similar vain to this one but don’t want to play fair, they remove all valid links to other sources or edit them so that they appear in completely the wrong section of the site so that theirs is the only one that remains.

If you don’t know how Sidereel works, it’s sort of like a wiki…if you have an account you can add, edit and remove any links, this means that it is open to abuse from people like these guys.

All actions are recorded however and can be seen on the ‘link history’ pages.

I think it all started when I removed their link to The Amazing Race episode 1, I removed it because there was no episode on the link, just a page saying that it was coming soon, — that is the only time I have ever removed any of their links, when they did not have the episode on it, despite all the abuse they have been giving me… they obviously didn’t like that so have been removing all my links since (along with others) and editing them to say offensive things or warning people not to click as my site contains spyware.

I have contacted the good folks at Sidereel via email and on their forums but so far no one has got back to me or banned the users.

So here’s what I am asking of any of you who have a sidereel account and are familiar with how to use it…please help me in undoing their sabotage when you get the chance. All you have to do is check the link history for edits by the main offender (User: lalegator) and click on ‘Re-add link’ if they have removed it, or edit the title of the link to something more appropriate if they have changed it to read something else!

The main pages they are doing it on to watch are The Amazing Race, Survivor, Survivor: Gabon and America’s Next Top Model.

Thank you, and hopefully Sidereel will pull their finger out and deal with this guy soon :)

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