September 26th, 2008

Big Brother 9 USA – Big Brother Winner Adam Jasinski Gets Plastic Surgery

The winner of season nine of Big Brother, Adam Jasinski, decided to take some of his winnings from the show to get plastic surgery. Before you start thinking that Adam is vain, he was having surgery to fix an injury from a car crash. Adam went through a windshield several years ago and he wanted acclaimed West Palm Beach surgeon Luis Vinas to pull out some of the remaining glass shards to smooth out his right cheek.

He brought along girlfriend Holly Letoski for moral support, but as it turns out, Holly needed almost as much medical attention as Adam. While watching the 45 minute surgery, Holly turned pale then passed out.

In the end, both Adam and Holly made it through the surgery just fine. Adam said, “You only have one face. You need to take care of it, no matter what.” (Source: Jose Lambiet Reality? Big Brother’s gal gets a dose watching surgery “. Palm Beach Post, 6 September, 2008)

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April 25th, 2008

Big Brother USA 9 – Janelle and Evel Dick chat

With Big Brother USA 9 very nearly at it’s conclusion here’s something interesting to keep you entertained until the finale, everyone’s favourite Janelle from the brilliant Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7 All Stars, and the one everyone loves to hate Evel Dick from Big Brother 8 chat about their views on the houseguests and season in general. Enjoy.

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