August 17th, 2007

My personal views on Big Brother 8 USA

Big Brother USA 8. I lost my favourite on Thursday, the wonderful unflappable (errr…well until last week she was unflappable) Jen, the girl who always had a smile on her face, even when ‘Evil Dick’ poured a glass of iced tea right over her head, when she rightfully called his ‘I’m so morally superior to you, Jen’ daughter on the fact she’s actually just a little princess slut. Amber drives me crazy with the crying, has one person ever cried so much on national TV before? Her and Jameka drive me crazy with their God bothering also, they seem to think the chap has nothing better to do than help them win food competitions! I really liked Eric up until the last episode, I thought he had done really well with the America’s Player thing and was a nice, funny guy…but the way in which he treated Jen on her leaving (and then we saw his butter wouldn’t melt, suck suck leaving message)…yup…now I see why everyone else thought he was a smug, slimy, sleazeball :roll:
Dick and Daniele…well don’t even get me started on these pair of degenerates, I enjoy a good game player as much as the next person…so in the early stages really enjoyed Dick’s style, but he long since over stepped the mark when he poured the Ice Tea over Jen, and the scenes in which he was blowing smoke in her face and then burning her with his cigarette were probably the most unpleasant Reality TV scenes I have ever watched (and this is coming from someone who saw Kinga stick a wine bottle up her lady garden!), it made me sick that no one stepped in. Makes you wonder how far someone would have to go on the USA version, before Big Brother/the Police had to step in, I ain’t easily shocked…but that shocked me. Then on to his ‘lovely’ daughter Skeletor…erm…I mean…Daniele, Daniele’s poor boyfriend…that’s all I can say, like it’s not bad enough to watch her getting close to another guy in the house…she & the producers rub it in at every available opportunity. Having a gooey letter from him in her HOH room? Him going as her loved one to the ‘power of 10′ thing? Pathetic, show some bloody respect woman. I just hate everything about Daniele, from the fact she looks like she’s about to die from malnutrition, to the fact she pretends to hate her dad but then smirks and laughs and loves it when he fights her battles for her, from the fact she thinks she’s a good strategic player but then has to backdoor someone – the ultimate act of cowardice in this game, to the fact she has the whiiiiinnnnneist voice ever ‘Ooooh daaaad this sssuuuuucks, there’s no ooooone leeeeft in thiis hoooooooooooooooooooouuuuuussssseeeeeeee Iiiiiii likeeeeeeee waaah waaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’. I think out of the ones left, Jessica is the only one I really like…and Zach is the only one who’s game I respect.