December 18th

Survivor 29 San Juan Del Sur – Episode # 14

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7 Responses to “Survivor 29 San Juan Del Sur – Episode # 14”

  1. The right winner won. It is Outwit, Outlast and was it Out Lie?! LOL

    I mean you cannot win this game with just one working foot, so that counts her off the contention and the other one only lasted that long because she was given a new lease on life from the other contestant.

    Great Season filled with Blindsides! Big Moves!

    The Jury was very tame with their questions and opinions

    Thank you RealityTVFan for the whole season!!

  2. The Primeshare link links to the reunion show and totally spoiled the outcome for me. I’m appreciative of all your work, but this really blows.

  3. Hey, that is the reunion episode

  4. 14 and 15 are the same ep – we seem to have missed some in between :( way to ruin the ending, dont watch this if you dont want to see who won

  5. Seems to be an episode missing.

  6. its reunion episode. not episode 14

  7. RealityTVFan Says:
    December 20th, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Crap, sorry all.
    I've updated the links now but understand it's too late and the result will have ben ruined for some of you :(

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