July 15th

Big Brother USA 16 – Episode # 8

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One Response to “Big Brother USA 16 – Episode # 8”

  1. I'm hoping Aryan opps, i mean Aaryn goes home this week. She is an absolute foul person. Actually I would be overjoyed if any of the following left: Spence,r (he has made racist, homophobic and sexist remarks. Oh and he's also said a few rape jokes! Yeah, a real stand up guy.) Jeremy, (racist and sexist) Catlyn, (racist and was caught using the N word on the live feeds) and orange Ginamarie ( homophobic and racist. She referred to welfare as "N***** insurance.) Not to mention I honestly believe that all these people are fucking stupid. How dumb do you have to be to say thesee hateful things when all of America can see you. I'd much rather have the money go to someone who was smart and had the best game play. One of these dumb asses will go this week and I look forward to the boos they will receive from the crowd. I hope Julie Chen fucking grills them about all the horrible things they've said/ done.

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