April 19th

Project Runway USA 11 – Episode # 13

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3 Responses to “Project Runway USA 11 – Episode # 13”

  1. I've disliked Michelle throughout this season but, I must say I love her collection and I totally got her inspiration when she showed parts of her collection. I'm so confused as to why Daniel just showed black pieces. They were really boring and kind of looked like pieces he has already done. He didn't make an all black collection soooo I don't know why he would just show black especially since some of his red and white seemed to tie the collection together. Also does anyone else think Nina makes her disdain for Patricia's work super obvious. I've noticed throughout the seasons she tends to love more commercial clothing. Like when annoying Gretchen won over Mondo (ugh) If i remember correctly Nina was pushing for Gretchen to win. I'd rather see something crazy and out there (but that kinda works in a weird way) than something cookie cutter!

  2. i have not liked any of the designers in this season( the worst season ever as far as i think) BUT Michelles clothes in this ep i liked and i even want the coat ..WITH ALL THE BAGS ON :) ..hope she lives them on..Stanley..the clothes he makes are soo boring

  3. i thought it was a pretty good season, though it's pretty obvious that a "team only" season, doesn't really work since you end up with good designers getting snubbed because they're on bad teams(like Michelle in the beginning), and mediocre designers advancing just because they're on good teams. It was an interesting as a change of pace, though. I'm glad Patricia's in the finale. She's funny!

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