February 9th

King of the Nerds – Episode # 4

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One Response to “King of the Nerds – Episode # 4”

  1. Spoiler! I actually feel like everyone who debated on the blue team had a better argument for whatever issue they were debating. It's unfortunate that Alana and Celeste were so nervous, they might have won their rounds if they had spoke with more confidence. Gwen should have won her round. She had the better argument, she spoke very well, and she corrected her opponent. Losing was a blessing in disguise though! Alana is finally gone! Thank God! For someone who is an expert in comics she sure didn't know that much. Maybe now the blue team will do better. I'm hoping next week the orange team loses. I find them all (except Moo) to be super arrogant and cocky. I wouldn't be sad if any of them went home.

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