January 24th

Top Chef 10 – Episode # 12

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4 Responses to “Top Chef 10 – Episode # 12”

  1. For some reason on shows like this one and Proj Runway Aus, when I click the link to the show from "Currently On" it only lists the first few episodes, and not the most recent. To get to them, I have been able to find them through the search function. For example, I didn't notice that you had any episodes after Top Chef ep 5 until I happened to see this one on the front page. I would have commented on your contact/Ask Admin page, but that function seems to be broken on my browser as well.

    Thanks for all your work!

  2. I too have noticed the same problems as Emily (using Firefox).

  3. Any chance of you posting the LCK. Cannot stream it in Canada and would love to see the face off between Kristin and Josie.

  4. Yes! I can't watch it here in New Zealand either! I'd love to see it posted!

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