November 17th

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 – Episode # 12

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6 Responses to “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 – Episode # 12”


    So Leila doesn't win even though she is the strongest at taking photos? please tell me how this happens. She has the best nine west photo and she was Nylon's favorite model. She had a strong Dream Come True shot and she has some of the best photos of the comp. Kiara isn't the strongest when it comes to photoshoots but she has improved every week and she has a strong personality and a great walk. Somehow Laura wins even though she is mediocre at photoshoots; she always does the same basic "sexy" poses. Sure she was strong when the comp started but she got worse and worse. She has a boring personality and an ok walk and mediocre pictures.

    Also can we talk about how much of a bitch Kelly Cutrone is? Seriously, she is so full of herself. I get that she is a huge PR person. But the photographer deserves respect. Jez is a super talented fashion photographer obviously he is going to do his best to get the shot. He was working for Nine West too so obviously he wants to get the best shot. She was way out of line. For someone who constantly preaches to the models about being professional and not having an attitude she sure is a great example. Talking about the photographer as though he wasnt there was soooo rude! I really hope she isn't around next cycle.

  2. boooooo!! not a fan!

  3. The hell did I just watch!? Tyra's always high backing up the fat model Laura telling how the industry is changing O_O I don't see Karl and Anna dead so wtf tyra!

    Leila's walk is very weak but nobody trained them this season! Even Laura's was stiff! And yes Laura you are COMMERCIAL at best!

  4. Lol Kelly can dish it out but she can't take it. I love how she said to someone 'can you ask him not to speak to me like that'. Playing the victim card as if her feelings were hurt yet at the same time always saying how she doesn't care what other people say/think. You can't have it both ways Catrone. If you want to play the alpha female bitch you can't go crying to someone else when someone stands up to you. So ironic that this woman works in PR. She gives women in business a bad name. It really annoys me when nasty people are successful, it doesn't seem fair when there are so many other talented businesswomen that could do what she does but with class and manners.

  5. I liked Leila more like it seems most people do, but I also watched the season after it had already aired. I did not get the big deal about Laura–her pictures weren't as artistic or well thought out and even though she was pretty her personality sucked. Disappointed with the end of this season.

  6. I know I am soooo late watching the 19th cycle, but wth I'm playing catch up!!! And I must say I AM SO PAST SICK and TIRED of this Kristin BITCH. Yes, BITCH. KRISTIN is a straight wannabe mean-girl who needs to win some sort of cash to buy a new freakin PERSONALITY. You have such a horrible attitude that it makes you so ugly. I mean really. I just watched the episode where on of the past girls come back and the girls are attacking VICTORIA about her eating habits. Honestly, they want her gone because she's such a threat to them, in my opinion. Stay strong Vicki!!! I'm backing you up all the way!!! I like the girls for the most part, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE KRISTIN. You suck, your face sucks, your attitude DEFINITELY SUCKS, and you're just an all the way around SUCKY person. CANNOT WAIT TIL I THE EPISODE WHERE YOU"RE [KRISTIN] ELIMINATED!!!!! IT'S COMING. I KNOW IT IS.

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