May 31st

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18 – Episode # 13

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7 Responses to “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18 – Episode # 13”

  1. so happy with who won

  2. Yey! I'm soooo happy :) And in the last pictures she outshined Tyra B herself. So cool!

  3. OMG!! Finally, after so many seasons, they made the right decision!! So happy for her!! :)

  4. Looks like ANTM's plan to have an American take out a Brit in the finale backfired. They finally made a choice based on talent instead of gimmick.

  5. this is my last season of watching Tyra's Next top model next years season is pointless its not top model its favorite model. Whats the point of having it? it used to be about producing a top working fashion model now its so loosely defined it doesnt make sense is it supposed to be showcasing Tyra as an actress all this weird crap that she fills the episodes up with. Such a quick and boring ending had no suspense. Ill watch the other top models but after 18 years I aint watching this one any more.

  6. Yay Sophie won, good for her <3 … I've really had enough of Tyra making EVERYTHING about her though… she was even in the beginning sketch thing of the fashion show… wholy ego :S

  7. holy** hahaha

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