February 9th

Top Chef 9 – Episode # 14

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14 Responses to “Top Chef 9 – Episode # 14”

  1. They're all so mean to Bev except for Grayson. I hope she takes it all!

  2. So do I!

    I wanted to slit my wrists when Sarah won the quickfire. My only consolation is the hope that she gets eliminated in the next round…going home without making the final 3 or the car.

    I was sorry to see Ed go, however, he was an idiot for using canned oysters.

    Please at least let us see Beverly wipe that smug lemon faced Sarah's face across the floor…PLEASE!

  3. I don't care which one of them wins as long as it's not Sarah. I was sad to see Ed go too.

  4. Paul is my favourite (he wasn't mean about Bev, was he? because I agree they have all been horrible). Yeah, really hope Sarah doesn't win!

  5. Yes, I want Bev to win too. They're all so insecure especially Sarah..they're afraid of Bev's talent. Go Bev (or Paul)!!!

  6. I'm on Team Bev or Paul. Those mean girls give successful women a bad name. You don't have to be bitchy to be successful.

  7. In the end, Bev didn´t need the guaranteed spot at all, unlike bitchy and coward Sarah.

  8. BEV IS THE BEST!! Most experienced AND most humble AND such a kindred spirit!! I hope paul gets second place. Why the hell are they so bully-esque when it comes to Bev? Insecure is right! Sarah is just so fake it kills me haha

  9. Lindsay and Sarah have both been pretty weak chefs actually. I'm surprised to see both of them in the final four. But really, really glad to see Bev getting back. Paul is pretty clearly winning this whole thing, barring a massive screw-up in the finale, but Bev can fight for second place.

  10. this was a stupid elimination and stupid season.

    seriously, paul for the win. i hated how they treated bev, but guys, she was eliminated for a reason. she shouldn't win.

  11. None of these links work any more :-(

  12. I agree.

    People want her to win just because she was mistreated. Who cares. So now everyone who is bullied deserves to win? I don't want either Lindsey or Sarah to win, partly because they were bullies, but also because they haven't done any amazing food. But I don't want Bev to win just because she was bullied. THat is ridiclous. No one said they wanted MArcel to win when he was bullied.

    Come on now. Paul deserves this. Hopefully he doesn't pull a Blais. But the way the show is editted makes me think Bev will win =

  13. YAY, Vancouver!!!

  14. Yeah – I can't get past the sponsored video to watch ep. 14 :(

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