November 24th

Junior Masterchef Aus 2 – Episode # 21

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9 Responses to “Junior Masterchef Aus 2 – Episode # 21”

  1. Halfway through video two, I find myself really liking the amount of help the adults are giving these kids. Enough to let them shine, without undermining their independence.

  2. Great series, how long till Masterchef season 4 starts?

  3. I love this show!!!!!!! They are so adorable, and cook amazingly. I want it both of theme to win, they´re both great.

    So nice to see Isabella again, and to find out that she and her sister keep cooking. :D

    I thought that the first preview for the final week spoiled who the winner is, and I was right.

  4. Probably looking at March/April 2012. It always follows the Biggest Loser (ironically).

  5. yea I agree. Good as they are its easy to forget they are just kids, no training yet they are at league with some amazing chefs. I really hope life treat these kids good so they get to develop their skills. Just imagine the chefs the world will have! :D

  6. I would love to hear the chefs thats been on the show, their personal opinions more about the kids, cause most of them, aswell as the first season seems amazed about the kids.
    And I think this show, shows so well, let your kids be part of the cooking! :) you get quality time aswell as a kid that knows how to make dinner when moved away from home :D

  7. So glad Greta won!!! I was really worried since she seemed to be falling apart during the second round but she pulled through and did amazingly.

  8. A great ending to a great season, of a great show!

    What outstanding quality of food from both the finalists – the parents of those kids must be beeming with pride. Congrats to Greta!

    Was nice to see Isabella again – she's really changed in the year since the competition; I guess that at that age they do grow fast. :)

    Australia is bound to become a real culinary juggernaut in the years to come, with the inspiration this show gives to so many young people. And the children who get into the competition, and do well in it, end up with such a great learning experience; an education in cooking that is unique. They'll remember it for the rest of their lives, and if they do decide to pursue a career in cooking, they'll draw a lot from the experience they've gained.

    I wish all the contestants success and happiness for the future!

  9. Awesome finale, loved it. Not a big surprise on the winner, but they were both good contestants. I wasn't the biggest fan of Jack this season, but I was always impressed with his desserts and I especially liked watching the dessert challenge in this episode.

    This show has inspired me to save up for a kitchen remodel so I have more counter space for my kids to help me cook. My daughter is only 2 and she already works with me in the kitchen. Thanks so much, realitytvfan! I can't imagine my life without Aussie TV!

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