November 21st

Junior Masterchef Aus 2 – Episode # 19

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8 Responses to “Junior Masterchef Aus 2 – Episode # 19”

  1. thank you again!!!

  2. Nooooooo :(

    Not my two favorites!

  3. Oh, no, not Indigo! I thought for sure she would be out Harry.

  4. Greta is an amazing cook. It's hard to see how anyone can beat her.

  5. the three guys in a battle next ep, CAN'T MISS IT!

  6. Me too, she was a better cook/chef, I felt the same with Lily.

  7. I don't know why they dropped the points system now for this elimination. I know that the judges say that you're only as good as your last dish but it allows some lucky cooks to go through while some consistently good cooks are eliminated.

  8. Grrr, upset at another screen shot spoiler, hope they don't do that for the finale episode (is that up to Dailymotion? I don't think the host of this site would do it).

    Bummed and a bit surprised about Indigo, but they've got a good group left. As much as I like Zac, I think he should have gone home for needing George's help cooking his meat on both challenges. I think it's a pretty sure bet for Jack to make it through to battle Greta.

    One thing I've really liked this season is the judges; they've done a fantastic job of being positive and supportive, but they've also been honest in telling what they didn't like about the dishes. It's good that they're teaching the contestants what they can do better instead of just pretending that everything tastes good.

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