October 23rd

After the Runway – Episode # 3




5 Responses to “After the Runway – Episode # 3”

  1. "This isn't fuddy duddy dress up, this is New York fashion week"

    hahaha, and I AGREE WITH JOSHUA.

  2. victor aka michael kors sooooo hilariousss haahaha

  3. as if they thought they'd trick us by mirroring anya so it looked like she was looking angrily at viktor
    especially considering her hair

  4. First episode of ATR that I've seen. Guess I wasn't missing much… The Lifetime people have been trying all kinds of ways of extending the PR brand (remember Models of the Runway?) but nothings really worked. This one doesn't either. One reunion show at the end would be better.

  5. ATR was just a drama instigator. You totally missed past contestant Laura and Joshua's fight. :3

    They have a segment called "clearing the air" in which the host digs at people and provokes drama.

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