October 15th

After the Runway – Episode # 2




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  1. lol laura you were boring and basic. anthony ryan should be in your place.
    lol that laura said the whole season she had good taste in clothes, and all she ever produce in the whole show is Faith21 knock out clothes. NINA CAN SEE THAT SHE WAS A GREAT CLOTHES MAKER (BASICALLY SHE CAN SEW), BUT SHE'S NOT A FASHION DESIGNER, NO VISION.

    KIM maybe basic as well, but at least she made great basics, basics that blew the judges away.

    Anya <3
    Laura Annoying
    Kim Real
    Josh Diva
    Viktor interesting foreign guy, thats not so foreign. haha

  2. knock off*

  3. Anonononononymous Says:
    October 15th, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    JJB Fagg0t

  4. Laura just hated Kim.

    I don't understand Anya taking sides with Laura, the two-faced fuck that she is.

  5. Balls Balls Balls Says:
    October 15th, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    People might hate Josh, but he, Kim and Burt were the only honest people here.

    Two-faced bitches – Laura, Anya

  6. don't be such a basic bitch, anon

  7. I'm a basic bitch too

  8. where's the project runway episode? :<

  9. joshua is disgusting, an old and exceeded fashion steriotype.

  10. I feel so bad for Kim…she believed Laura & Anya were real, loyal friends. I love that about her; she wasn't game playing. I do like Anya, though, & hope she wins. I wanted to like Laura, but just feel indifferent towards her. Joshua was so condescending to Becky in the first part. I felt like the clear the air part he was just trying to save face, and his apolgy didn't seem genuine at all. If Anya doesn't win, just don't let Joshua win. Anyone else will be fine- even if Victor is a bit full of himself.

  11. Oh Josh lol @ him saying he feels bad he is called a bully rather than I am ashamed of my behaviour. I don't think Becky wanted to accept his apology, she saw it for what it was, josh sorry for himself, Unfortunately, she was right to let it go as it wouldve made for muddled tv and she mightve come off looking bad.

    KIM! You deserved better than Anya and Laura.

  12. rude, ignorant etc

  13. I think Kim started picking on Laura a bit too much, I mean Kim has already beaten Laura in the competition so…

    Anya's point when defending Laura was that they all said unpleasant things behind each others' backs, so I guess she was just being honest and not pretending to be a better person than Laura.

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