October 8th

After the Runway – Episode # 1



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  2. Thank u soooo much for uploading this!!! ;)

  3. This was a lot more interesting than i was expecting.

  4. I hope that was the very last After the Runway. It's lame and it cheapens the validity of the show. I didn't realize Laura, who I thought was hilarious and spot on in her season, had become some snotty gossip blogger. but that said, thankkkksss so much for uploading for us to see it :)

  5. Josh did exactly what he always does…when someone doesn't agree with him, he attacks in a very nasty way. I hope he goes home soon!

  6. I think Josh is over emotional all the time, we probably shouldn't read him like we read people in general. He can't help it -but he will have to learn how to see himself like others do if he wants to avoid conflict.

    Oh, they can choose assistants for next challenge? Please let oje of them back in.
    BRING ANTHONY RYAN BACK, PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Let hom show at fashion week!

  7. Anononononymous Says:
    October 9th, 2011 at 3:39 am

    Sending Anthony Ryan home before Laura Kathleen was a huge mistake.

  8. Anononononymous Says:
    October 9th, 2011 at 3:41 am

    I honestly don't see the point of it at all if they're going to do a reunion show at the end like they always do.

  9. darkishphoenix Says:
    October 9th, 2011 at 5:40 am

    I tried reading the various Project Runway blogs on mylifetime, and Laura's is the only one I've stuck to. She's spot-on about Josh, and I don't think she's been unfair in her assessment of him. It's not like she says negative things about him just to say negative things. Heck, in her last blog she even said his dress should have won over anya's. But Josh can't take any kind of criticism.

  10. I can see why Josh is so on edge if he's in debt, as it is a major stress, but at the same time so are millions of other people and they don't feel the need to treat people the way he does. He seems to enjoy a self-pity party, and will use anything that he can to try and excuse his obnoxious, downright rude, bullying behaviour.

    That old saying, "If you're gonna dish it, you've gotta be prepared to take it!" should be continually recited to him, along with "Grow-up, and take responsibility for your actions".

    He has flashes of brilliance, and he's got it all there to be a really top designer, but he needs to let all his anger go, take a chill pill, stop stressing and stop bitching, then his creativity will actually be productive and he might win challenges.

  11. i actually find myself rooting for Josh…. Heheh i mean that guy is a lunatic but he's hell of a funny guy!

  12. Josh is vile…end of story. No redeeming qualities and his he is clearly not here for his design skills.

    Also, the host and the shit-stirring of this show is insipid.

  13. nasty, fake, and snotty way.

    And that excuse Victor gave about being gay? barf.

  14. Agree with you about the (random?) hostess of this show. Super annoying.
    But even though Josh has totally irritated me so many times, watching him in this made him seem more personable to me. Don't get me wrong, still a giant, spoiled brat, but I got him more.

  15. This helped me see Josh as multidimensional. He's certainly got his flaws – he doesn't do well with accepting direct criticism. Now, if the person frames it in a more roundabout, extremely diplomatic way, he seems better able to swallow it and actually even think about it.

    The fact that he was able to get past his differences and bond with Bert tells me that he's not totally unreasonable. He is a talented designer. And he is able to give credit where credit is due (e.g. – Bert's sketches).

    So yes… I agree that he is a spoiled brat in many ways. But he does have some redeeming qualities. If he somehow won the whole thing, I wouldn't be bitter. He's a talented, hardworking designer. Maybe with some therapy he can take a good look at himself and see how he comes across to others and how he can find greater happiness within himself and with his dealings with others.

  16. I can't recommend your post enough. This was almost unwatchably bad. Project Runway has always been a superior reality TV show because it has never dwelt too much on the bitching and focused more on talented people performing difficult skills to make beautiful things. It was obvious Josh and Anya especially hated being on there. Josh shouldn't have risen to the bait.

  17. This is the first episode of the show? Why did they start airing it this late in the season? Seems sort of weird.

  18. He did show at Fashion Week. The final eight or nine designers got to.

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