June 21st

Masterchef USA 2 – Episode # 5 (Youtube)

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9 Responses to “Masterchef USA 2 – Episode # 5 (Youtube)”

  1. Although the competition is at an early stage it's already proved to be better than what last years competition was at this stage. It looks like they have learnt from their mistakes. I hope I haven't put the mockers on this now!

  2. It's certainly better than last year, I agree. Still feels choppy compared to Aussie version because it's all in an hour rather than multiple shows. Just wish Gordon would expand his vocabulary beyond *&^*(, ^&(())(*&, and ^$#$%^&*^^^. He is so much smarter than that.

  3. Anyone else not trust a chef who can't pronounce things? Especially one as full of himself as Max? (Sorry to anyone who likes him – he just rubs me the wrong way.) I also have to say I do not like "our" contestants as much as the Aussie ones. Seems like more egos. And I wish the judges would taste all the Mystery Box dishes. All that said, I still love all these cooking shows and am so grateful to RTVFan for posting them!

  4. The biggest difference between these contestants and the Australian contestants is that these are unsupportive of each other and jealous when one contestant does better than the others. The bitching by the other contestants about Christian being exempt from the elimination test demonstrates this very well.

    Also, I don't mind self-confidence, but these cooks are ridiculously self-confident. If an Australian contestant sounded off like that on the Australian version of Masterchef, s/he would be instantly labelled as a complete and utter wanker.

  5. sorry if i offend anyone but your show of masterchef is appauling and mean, the chefs do not offer any support and e even the contestants are out for themselves..i know its a comp but the aussie one is supportive and informative we even get a friday show teaching us how to do things like good stock and sauces. you just had a guy sent home after putting flour in raw but my god the other one didnt even cook french let alone do it good and that to me is soooo sad… And im not sayng this cos im an aussie but to be honest i feel sorry for the contestants. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI lol had to do it;)

  6. Who are you talking to when you say "your"? This site is international. And the bogan/westie oi oi oi stuff is just embarrassing.

  7. obviously your is to american cos its a american vesion…. and no its not embarrassing im aussie and proud not an idiot who says the word bogan lol OMG

  8. I wish that this show was called something different than, "Master Chef". This version of the show completely b@st@rdizes the Australian version. It is the producers that choose to highlight the stereotypical American egocentric attitude through contestant selection and editing. There are tons of Americans that can cook phenomenally and are super nice people and would love to compete in a more supportive environment. In America, however, "nice competitions" have not traditionally brought in good rating. It has been the norm to cast reality shows with controversial contestants to heighten the drama and hence the ratings. I admire the producers of "The Voice" for daring to break this mold. I think Masterchef U.S. could be saved by getting rid of the three personality types for judges and replacing them with more supportive judges like in Australia and not casting for ratings. The change in judges would positively change the whole tone of the show. I love Gordon Ramsey and think he is brilliant but he does not belong on this show.

  9. An aussie in america Says:
    June 29th, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    your? i believe the site owner here is actually british….. and if a show is so APPALLING, what would it be the fault of people born int he country where it is made ? or their ownership? is owne by the people who made it, Dont watch it , there is no reasont o be an a** is it??

    also you did not create aussie or kiwi masterchef's did you? so dont give yourself credit, how pathetic this stupid reality tv show nationalism. I feel sorry for you

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