May 26th

American Idol 2011 – Episode # 39

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  1. Yeah! Great season! It was fun to see the youngest in the end. I thought Scotty was a better singer but I voted for Lauren because she just looked like she wanted it so badly! They were both too cute…and Scotty sitting down and crying…precious!

  2. People just have no taste…

  3. lisalight Says:
    May 26th, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Nice Scotty loves Lauren how cute

  4. Well… you kind of saved it at the end America… or at least you voted for the better of these two options. I'm Danish but I usually share some taste with you Americans. Yet you haven't got it right since David Cook. This year you had 3 possible international stars, because of their originality (James, Casey and Haley). But yet again the South and 12 year old girls seem to have the power vote… That kind of music is not for anyone outside the states. I have to order Carrie Underwoods albums from American websites… doesn't that tell you something (by the way Carrie was a great choice and my favorite idol ever)… it's getting kind of old watching good singers triumph over the GREAT singers and performers.
    Best example… WTH happened when Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert. Europeans LOVE Adam, but no one have any idea who Kris Allen is.

  5. but don't you find with any of these type programmes that normally the one who comes 2nd or 3rd normally end up more famous than the actual winner… the winner has too many restrictions on the type of music they put out…. prime example was the first Operacion Triunfo (Spanish version of x-factor/idol) 10 years ago… the winner had a great voice but her record company gave her crappy songs…… the bloke that came second is called David Bisbal, and he is famous throughout Spain and all the other Latin countries….

  6. whooo hes been myfav throughout whooooo

  7. Just to help prove your point, remember when Rubin Studdard won and Clay Akain started putting out hit after hit once that season was all said and done, do you remember that?? I just could not get over why a guy who is only interested in singing in church (please do not get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with singing to our maker!!) I just dont get why he won thats all, when Clay was the Idol who wanted the title in the worst way and then came up short with the votes!! I could tell Rubin did not really give a hoot if he won or not, nor did he care about touring with the top 10. Anyway just thought i would throw that out there for thought.

  8. LOL this is the first Idol i've ever watched, but in all countries the voting is normally pretty obvious… girlies vote or vote for the underdog :)

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