May 16th

Survivor 22 Redemption Island – Episode # 15 (Youtube)

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12 Responses to “Survivor 22 Redemption Island – Episode # 15 (Youtube)”

  1. yaaaay Im so happy! and I cant wait for the next season… I love love love this show

  2. survivorfan Says:
    May 16th, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    uhhh… this season was so dreadful. I am just glad that I don't have to listen to Phillip. The way he played was so dumb and I feel bad for juries since they had done the hardest job, but thank you for posting all of the episodes.

  3. this was a no brainer…Rob played a very smart game, because his cast members were really dumb…so no effort at all…Russel would have played it better, for sure, he is a better player…

  4. krabbykrab Says:
    May 17th, 2011 at 2:43 am

    definitely hope russell returns to the game!!

  5. What people seem to lack in understanding, is that, playing a so called near perfect game like Rob has, makes for a predictable and a boring game. This may have been the best game plan as far as the series go, but it also made for the most unejoyable game as a viewer. Even at my skill, i was able to guess most of the tribel elimination's. So for those idiots think this season was any good, they are not a true fan of this game. Unpredictablity< "if the is such a word" makes this a great view. Not the above!

  6. Survivor this season has been so boring……Wanted to stop watching half way through,but couldn't in case it got better but it didn't…,R.TV.F has so many other great shows on i shouldn't grumble

  7. overall a good game played by robs… but it would have been pretty easy considering those in his alliance were complete puppets, and the top 3 pretty much handed the title to him with their self-destructive speeches and responses to the jury..

    But probably THE MOST boring season to date. so very very predictable.

    i want blindsides! i want strategy (from more than one person)! i want backstabs and shifting alliances!

    hoping next season will be better but not keeping my hopes too high since its another redemption island.

  8. Couldn't they have just given him a million $ on the first episode and save us from his face and this totally awful season?

  9. Amen to that Garlic! It was a borefest of the highest order, I fast forward tru the whole series. Could not be bothered to watch the finale!
    Never want to see his mug ever again, he killed the whole series……droning on and on about his strategy, like as if I cared.
    Those people @ Bravo must really love him.

  10. Rob is the best player ever to have played survivor (Russel is very good but not personable at all which is always his downfall).
    It' s also not down to Rob that this season was quite boring,it's down to the other contestants that never came up with any serious plans – except the stupid one of throwing a challenge in order to oust Russel ).
    I think it's about time the producers try harder to choose more sly backstabbing players (as too many "nice honest " players waffling on about integrity nearly always make for a boring game).
    I really hope no other former survivors are invited back to play in future episodes.

  11. hi everyone, i´m brahim från sweden,
    First of all i want to thanks one 1000 times Jeff P who i consider as the most charming and beautifull man in usa. Love u Jeff. Then Rob and Ozzy are the best players ever survivor has known. Rob strategicly and competetivly and Ozzy fysicaly and competetivly, Perhaps Ozzy is the best ever ! I want to thanks the jery for their jugement, the right man won. I´m happy for Rob

    yours brahim

  12. love survivor game, i can´t wait for the next season, i´m happy for Rob, the best player won. I hope Ozzy takes place for the next season. Jeff is wonderfull.

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