May 2nd

The Amazing Race 18 – Episode # 10 (Youtube)

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23 Responses to “The Amazing Race 18 – Episode # 10 (Youtube)”

  1. oh, thank goodness, I couldn't stand them…

  2. rkmmorris828 Says:
    May 2nd, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Me either, they just kept on and on and on. So irritating and thought they were original, not so much. I've had friends 20 years ago that looked liked that. Go Mallory.:)

  3. Gutted for Kent and Vyxsin, sure they argued all the time, but I just found them really likeable!

    I hope the Globetrotters go next, especially after this episode! The way they were blaming Vyxsin was horrible, it wasn't even her fault!

  4. the globetrotters are straight up BLACK BULLIES! i hope they go next.

  5. The F?

    How are black bullies any different from any other kind of bullies?

  6. Totally agree.

  7. I agree they're bullies, but there's no need for racism.

  8. ARE YOU CRAZY……………One of my favourite teams went home last week the cowboys……. My other team from the start has been the Globetrotters, You should be ashamed of yourself for your racist remark………………….

  9. I have to say although I like Vyxsin, I cannot stand Kent…I don't know how you copes with all his tantrums and put downs.

    With regards to the mix up with the mould, you can't tell whether or not someone took the wrong mould so agree that the globetroppers rant was uncalled for but don't think anyone should bring race into it.

  10. Wow, is Kent the least self-aware guy ever? Always positive, ha ha! It's a shame, they really impressed me with their positivity that day where they had all those things go wrong in China, but he's definitely gone back to his bitchy and whiny ways. I felt sorry for Vyxen having to put up with him and then abuse from Big Easy. Who knows what happened to the gnome, but it didn't look like she had anything to do with it from what we saw…

    And Phil's American accent is so funny sometimes, bless him! Gno-um!

  11. Anyone else want to stab Mallory in the eye with a pencil? No one can be that happy all the time and not be high….god she drives me nuts….Ritalin anyone?

  12. i hate BLACK BULLIES. they arent cool.

    GO KISHA and JEN! beat those BLACK BULLIES!


  14. I'm white asshole…………….

  15. You do know what ATM stands for dont you? do a search on google you might be suprised. Or maybe not, you probably enjoy that type of thing.

  16. I agree. If someone stole my chocolate mould thing in a race for a million dallars I would be cracking skulls especially pink ones.

  17. The comment above is a reply to macmac's comment not mine,. I look pretty stupid now. Doh.

  18. ATM the most confused racist in the world.

  19. Team Mallory,go girl

  20. Rachie roo Says:
    May 3rd, 2011 at 3:35 pm


  21. Yay, Zev and Justin are safe! Relief!

  22. Once,the button is pressed ,there is no going back……You're a silly monkey…I was stupid for thinking that maybe ATM worked in a bank ,it's obvious he doesn't ,'unless he's the coffee boy…….

  23. Those Globetrotters can go to hell! I liked them at the start, but the inmature faul play was uncalled for! Like no more. On the other hand I hated Kent and Vixen from the start, and now I do feel bad they gone. No more favorites left for me to cheer for. I say bring on The Amazing Race 19!

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