March 31st

Top Chef 8 – Episode # 16 (Dailymotion)

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24 Responses to “Top Chef 8 – Episode # 16 (Dailymotion)”

  1. Yea!

  2. Like Mikey said, he's the first loser.

  3. yeeeeeee he won,,im happy for him,,

  4. Thanks for posting!! This blog is awesome :)

  5. jadziajuvgarl Says:
    March 31st, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    Oh so happy! Though Richard can be a little arrogant sometimes, Mike takes the cake for inflated ego. If Mike had heard the words "You're top chef" you get the feeling he would have said "Thanks. I know."

  6. Great challenge, great food, but didn't really care who won in the end because I had gotten so sick of both of them. This season just dragged on forever; I think I'm losing interest in the series a bit. Looking forward to the next season of Masterchef Australia, which is about 100x better. Thanks for posting!

  7. Thank goodness! Best chef won, and Mouthy Mike the Thief got put in his place. Karma is a b*tch. :D

  8. I'm glad Richard won, but I agree with Bri, looking forward to the next Masterchef AU.

  9. i think that's a pretty ridiculous comment. at the end of the day, it was the food they were judged on.

  10. intelligentprimate Says:
    April 1st, 2011 at 8:44 am

    You can sense the meaninglessness behind Richard's words at the end. How sad.

  11. Congratulations to Richard!!!! :)
    He really deserved it, I think.
    I feel sorry for Mike, but I didn't think his comment at the end was very gracious…but I guess it's understanding because he lost.

  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I'm pretty sure Richard not only willed it, he also skilled it. So to speak. Glad that he won. Though I have to admit Mike suprised me with his newly found creativity.

  14. actually looking forward to top chef canada….sounds like a nice change of pace!

  15. really, really happy that Richard won. Isabella just had too much ego going into it. Even Richard said "mike's strength is his confidence & bravado, his weakness is his confidence & bravado."

    Yay Richard!!!

  16. besides… Isabella cheated by stealing one of Blais' recipes and winning a challenge with it. He deserved to lose just for that reason alone.

  17. So am I!

  18. irachan90210 Says:
    April 3rd, 2011 at 12:28 am

    Angelo is such a fashionista. Those geeky glasses are so trendy. haha..
    Can't wait for Top Chef Masters with curtis stone :D

  19. Mike was not a gracious loser. Yeah, the editing was slanted to "the underdog" winning…but the way Mike reacted when he lost – that was no editing. He didn't say anything to Richard when he won – which is pretty infantile.

    Richard even offered to give him money, and Mike said, "I'll take it." Why? Because he is inherently greedy. Not even, "That's nice, man." Just, "I'll take it."

    The right person won.

  20. Yeah, sure. Maybe on this blurred out video you can't read the credits. The show's producers and Bravo make decisions impacting the eliminations, wins, losses, and so on. If the editing is any guide, this is a competition in name only, it's a drama show with a planned script.

  21. Congrats to Richard. he deserves it!!! good luck to Mike!!!

  22. Fantastic!!!! I am soooo happy for Richard! Yippee!!! You could really feel the relief at the end of the show.. he felt so much more relaxed! :)

  23. I got so sick of both of these guys at different times throughout the season, but ended up rooting for them both here… ah, the power of good editing. Really liked the way they worked with their sous chefs, too… they seemed to bring out the best in each of them, which was pretty impressive considering these were the people they beat. I thought Richard deserved the title based on his ridiculous consistency (in execution and creativity) as well as his relative maturity, but felt badly for Mike getting so close and clearly having worked so hard recently to sharpen his skills. (I could say that about several of the other chef-testants, too, though.)

  24. I love how Spike was always skulking behind the judges as they critiqued the food hahaahah. I'm so, so glad that Richard won. He totally deserved it. Although I still would've preferred to see Dale and Richard fighting it out in top 2… I think Dale would've really given Richie a run for his money. :)

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