November 15th

Junior Masterchef Aus – Episode # 17

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44 Responses to “Junior Masterchef Aus – Episode # 17”

  1. I really dislike DailyMotion. I had 8 commercials in the 4th video and I wasn't even trying to watch the whole thing…I just wanted to watch the last 8 minutes. Good grief!!!

  2. I never get ads because my pop up blocker is on a high setting. . You need to check your internet security software.:)

  3. What wonderful children. They've all been so positive about having been eliminated, and have great attitudes. I hope they all continue their cooking, and end up being chefs.<3

  4. Beautiful… I have no doubt that these two will go far. So, glad to see Jack excell like that. Very inspirational. Masterchef Australia in both it's forms top my list of best shows on tv.

  5. These kids have been amazing. I am so impressed with how well their final dishes came out.

    I did feel a bit disappointed that Jack wasn't offered an apprenticeship with one of the guest chefs like Isabella was (that we saw of at least…), especially after earning three elevens! I think his transformation has been huge! From his rustic meals to a more refined sensibility, he has changed for the better in what seems like such a short amount of time. But I'm sure he'll be fine if he decides to pursue culinary arts on his own, along with the other kids, because their love of cooking oozes through the screen.

  6. Wierd, I never have commercials when I use DM.

  7. i know part of the judging is taste, but his choux balls looked crunchy, whereas hers looked a bit on the soft side. I don't think she should've gotten such high scores for her dessert.

  8. OMG!!!!!! BOTH OF THEM ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  9. So sad this show is over! I have heard comments that reality TV should not take advantage of kids in this way…What garbage!
    Any show that teaches children to appreciate healthy, seasonal and local food can be in no way considered bad. Australia should be proud of a show like this.

    Well done to all of the contestants, it was inspiration to see the camaraderie between them all.

    Overall this show has been an absolute triumph, can't wait for the next season of Big Masterchef Oz!

  10. Was I the only one blubbering like a baby at the end of this? :) Great show!

  11. I think Masterchef did an amazing job with the Junior version, but many other programs would not have done a good job. There's many reasons why children should not be on unscripted television and I think they are sound reasons. I'm just really glad Masterchef managed to do such a good job and show that it is possible to do it well.

  12. Someone said on another thread that only a sample audience has been chosen to be shown the ads. I think it was believed that those viewers just have to bear with the ads, but if you google block dailymotion ads, I think it's possible to block the ads in the videos. It's different from blocking pop-ups, but I think it's still possible.

  13. No, you were not. Definitely not.

  14. This show gives me the warm fuzzies, the kids are so polite and encouraging, its so refreshing to see. I kinda thought it would tie tbh was a bit disappointed it didnt. Both kids did so well its shocking. Cant wait for junior masterchef aus 2. Thanks for uploading for us :)

  15. Oh were not alone!

  16. Wow, amazing. Thanks for posting it – great. No spoilers, but these two are both great, and the scores were well-deserved and huge! Wow, wow, wow. Well done to both – I hope all these kids keep this passion for cooking and it doesn't get lost in the high school shuffle. They should all be really proud. Well done to the top two!

  17. These children are amazing! Gracious, supportive & talented beyond any of the adults I have seen in these shows. I have looked forward to each episode & haven't missed the cattiness or backstabbing seen in most reality shows. The scores were outstanding & I would have been happy to see either win. I hope they do more seasons & I hope they stay as great as the first season! Thank you realitytvfan for posting!

  18. The ads have nothing to do with your security settings.

    These are not pop-ups, but rather ads inserted into the main video stream. DM is experimenting with "monetizing" videos in certain geographic areas. The ad vids are interactive — clicking on the inserted ad video will take you to the advertiser's page.

    If you don't live in a test market region, you don't get the ad insertion.


  19. Not only does it teach kids to appreciate food I really think it teaches them how to be graceful competitors. I mean think of all the rude/evil/just plain annoying people we see in reality TV. They could really take a lesson…

  20. I love Pierre's blue shoes! Also, possibly my favorite Cassidy line of the season: "You don't need the silly yellow ones!"

  21. I had the same problem, but only twice during the season. Commenters are correct that they are NOT pop-ups, I don't think there's anything you can do. It's a real bummer.

  22. What a fantastic show; not as exciting as the adult version but cute and enjoyable. I am still a bit disappointed that the oldest/tallest/most teenage-like contestants made it to the final two (I know some were only a year younger but a year makes a big difference at that age); Isabel and Jack deserved to be there but it really took away from the adorable "junior" novelty of the show because they're more like young adults.

    I wish there had been a bigger prize for the winner; it's great to award both finalists but only a $5K difference and a small scholarship amount at that! The surprise extra gift was nice, but the winner really should have received $25K and a cookbook deal. People would buy a cookbook written by a kid as experienced as these contestants are!

    My favorite thing about this show (and the adult version) is probably Gary, George, and Matt. LOVE them! I liked Anna as well. I can't imagine US judges being so awesome, ever! GO AUSSIES!!!

  23. I meant "Isabella". Hope everyone goes & donates to this site; I don't think there's anything she can do about those lousy commercials and I hope she continues to post these awesome Aussie shows.

  24. I fortunately don't get the adds, but I still dislike DailyMotion because their videos seem to stop loading every now and then – and pausing to wait for them to load doesn't help – you can wait forever and it won't load any further. The only way to go on is to manually skip ahead about 10 seconds or so, and then it continues as normal… for a while. REALLY annoying.

    I do wish realityfan would use more zshare and/or wisevid.

  25. What can I say beyond what has been said so many times already – this show is a prime example of what a good TV show can do. Amazingly tallented, well behaved, compassionate children, that serve as great role models for their peers. And such an encouraging, well thought out, rewarding show format too – it's an education that anyone lucky enough to participate will treasure, and such great entertainment (and education) for us the audience as well.

    Jack was amazing and shows such promise that he'll likely become a famous and respected chef, and Isabella…. well, in a decade or two, I hope I'm in a position to take a trip to Australia, and eat at a little Italian/Sicilian restaurant called "IsSofia" :)

  26. I think that Isabella's offer was the only one we saw on screen. I am betting if any of these kids knocked on one of the guest chef's doors and asked for an apprenticeship they would be accepted without hesitation.

  27. This show has been so good, I'm kinda sad it's over.
    I don't know what ads everyone is talking about. I love Daily Motion. ZSHARE TOTALLY SUCKS~!!

  28. Yes, I don't think the apprenticeship offer should be taken too seriously. She's only bloody twelve.

  29. I'v eseen a variety of reality shows from Oz, and they do it differently down there. From Biggest Loser to Project Runway and this, kids and adult version, Aussies are just nicer, less bitchy, more sporting etc. I wouldn't worry about letting my kid go on an Aussie show. The rest of them … that's something else.

    PS: I'm not an Australian

  30. Come on. Siena was there until the semi-final. They had all the little kids back for masterclass, and for the final, and they were included in the commentaries. Of course there's a huge difference between nine and twelve, but that's life, and a junior show can't avoid that. I like the way they kept all the eliminated candidates involved right up to the end, and made everyone feel like losing wasn't the end of the world.

  31. ok, that's interesting to know. From what people said, I assumed they were popups, hence my reply.

    If that is the case, it's a shame for people living in those geographic areas.

  32. I agree! i love DM and hate z-share….
    but this show is what I love the most!!! what an amazing final! it was actually tense and exciting…for a moment there I wished JAck would manage to get the extra points to beat Isablla, just because he came so far… way more improved than
    Isabella who was an amazing cook from the start…
    loved It!!!

  33. Yeah, I agree. I think it has something to do with how gorgeous it is down there. I was so wary when I heard there was a Junior Masterchef because of the whole Jon & Kate Plus 8 debacle. But I should've known Australia would do it justice :D

  34. I agree with this too. I think when people talk about "the older kids" versus "the younger kids," they're focusing more on size than age. Cassidy seems more "junior" but she's the same age as the twins and Jack. Lucy's only a year younger than them and is actually two years older than Siena, but I feel like people would group Lucy and Siena together.

  35. yeah z-share takes so long to buffer up and load for me. DM is instant. i love it.

  36. and i only get like one ad every episode, if any.

  37. Does anyone else notice the way Anna always raises her eyebrows and gives a little smirk after she tastes EVERYTHING?

  38. I think both of the final two were deserving but I don't think it's totally fair that Isabella got so much extra help. I know they're children but it is the finale, in real life you wouldn't have someone come up and tell you if your forgot something from your recipe, I would have been interested in seeing how things would have ended if that hadn't happened.

  39. Lily Lily Rose Says:
    November 17th, 2010 at 11:16 am

    This is completely impossible to prove, but I'd be willing to bet that at least 2 of these kids go on to the Bocuse D'Or competition in 10 (or so) years time.

    First, their host/judge George represented Australia and entered as a commis/junior chef. Second, the rules state that the commis (junior) has to be under 22 years of age.

    I think that any of those kids could rise to Michelin-star status within the next few years. When it happens, I commend them for their assent.

  40. Ha ha! That's a good point.

    I always found it funny when the kids mentioned opening restaurants in a few years considering they're still so young.

  41. Wow. That was just amazing!

    Am I the only one who would love to see all those kids compete in an Australian version of Top Chef in say 10 years?

    …and I'm not just saying that because I think Pierre gonna be a total hottie in ten years XD!!
    Come to think of it, does Australia have "Top Chef"?

  42. I disagree; when I say "older", I mean those who have reached puberty and so are essentially teenagers/young adults. Kids reach this at different ages, so two 12-year-olds can be radically different (Cassidy vs. Isabella). Of course the show welcomes all 12 year olds, so they will be at different developmental stages. Someone who has gone through puberty (Jack, who was 13 by the way) is just not "junior" to me. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just my opinion that I would have liked to see a littler (meaning not hit puberty yet) kid in the final because it's cute!

  43. What a great show!!!!!! My favorite cooking show of all time!!!!!!

  44. I'm REALLY, REALLY ticked off at DailyMotion. I can tolerate the ads that run 'occasionally' at the beginning of the videos but the ones they've added to run interspersed throughout (and in excess of 5 for the last vid) the last 3 videos from the Jr. MC finale are intolerable.

    I LOVED Jr. Master Chef and appreciate this site (and have donated), but since I already knew who won, I stopped watching.
    Neither DM, nor the advertisers (Smirnoff, Lincoln, and Toyota) will benefit from my viewing!

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