November 14th

Junior Masterchef Aus – Episode # 16

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24 Responses to “Junior Masterchef Aus – Episode # 16”

  1. i think probably they both win!!! just a feeling
    lets see if im right :)

  2. I really love this show BUT I really don't like it how the winner of the 1st challenge automatically gets put into the final.

    They should all get an equal opportunity to do their best over the two challenges.It would be much FAIRER.

    I've seen in other masterchef episodes where someone will do well in the 1st challenge, and then crumble in the next. I hope they change this next year.

  3. Gee what a surprise- the twins are doing Italian…

  4. The poor kids- I wouldn't know what to do with the snails.

  5. "Gastronomic Gladiators" Ha Ha Ha. Very funny.

  6. Wow- the preview before the add pretty much seems to show who the winner of challenge 2 is.

  7. Cool- the two kids who don't make the final get $5000 put in a trust fund. Yay Australian Jnr Masterchef!

  8. Yeah, the preview for the next episode pretty much gives it away.
    If so, I think that's really lovely.

  9. geez who knew a cooking show could make me cry…. damn.

  10. Me, too (the crying). I'm especially sad about Sofia, who I've been pretty convinced is the best cook.

  11. culinary skills aside, I'm so impressed with these kids as human beings…how sincerely caring they seem. Australia, you've got some quality folks!

  12. Absolutely, if I ever have a child as polite and considerate as Siena I'll be so proud! Lovely kids. Not a fan of Jack though :/

  13. I agree fully! Such class and compassion.

  14. I agree.

    This is the best show ever.

  15. So sad :( It was definitely a surprise to see who got through, but that's part of the reason why I love the show. It just comes down to who does a better job that day, in that particular challenge.

    I have to say, having done a lot of research on twins in the past, the evolution of Isabella and Sofia's relationship as it was shown on the show was particularly interesting to me. During top 50, my first impression was that Isabella was clearly the dominant twin and that they were the typical example of female twins. As the show progressed, I found that they were not the typical example at all and had a very complex and interesting relationship.

    At the end, though, when everyone was saying Sofia was off her game, it seemed to me that she just did not want to be the one to take her sister out of the competition. I think she subconsciously and unintentionally sabotaged herself. I really believe that at the end of the day, she is just as happy (and perhaps happier) seeing her sister in the finals. And what she said at the very end really touched my heart. These girls are so lucky to have each other.

    I love what Siena said about already being a winner. While I tend to roll my eyes at those types of comments in other (adult) reality shows, I really think it's true here. Sure, it would be nice to have the title, but they've all been given prize money and have shared in this amazing experience. I'm glad as such a young person she realizes this. The poise of that 9 year old never ceases to amaze me.

  16. I can see where you're coming from, because I hated that Jimmy always did the same thing during adult Masterchef, but honestly, they're kids.. that's what they're most familiar with and what they're comfortable cooking. Like Sofia said, she'd love to cook rabbit, but now didn't seem like the best time to start. I think if given the chance, Siena would make a dessert every time because she loves desserts. I wouldn't fault her for that either.

  17. as I have written before, I do think adults have alot to learn from these kids! and if their parents dont value them, aint proud , then there are something wrong, they are beautiful and with such big hearts and I do hope that in some life, this or another I will get to taste their food! :)

  18. Hear ye! Its a great thing the Masterchef is doing, cause few have it, and I do think that these kids, if life will, will go far! :)

  19. mmmmm! :)

  20. yea and I am pretty sure that the twins will have their restourant in the end! :)

  21. I wish it had been 2 girls getting to the finals…I think they did best throughout the whole show…sorry Jack.

  22. I think Sofia, Isabella and Jack should have gone to the final together. Sofia is such a nice girl, and I find her very pretty also. In the end I am happy with whoever wins this.

  23. the twins sure did really have a pretty interesting relationship!
    your observation about isabella was quite true and this was proved when during the show, she was more of the extroverted and out there person while her sister was the quiet little achiever who has her 'out there' moments as well.

    Awww, when Sofia did said that bit with her sister, it made me cry, yes, and I realised that you're probably right because on the start of the episode, she said that she wanted to go through to the finals but she wanted Izzy to go through as well. What a sweet little girl she is!
    Isabella said it herself: "I'm so lucky to have her."

  24. Go Jack!!!!

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