November 14th

Junior Masterchef Aus – Episode # 15

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5 Responses to “Junior Masterchef Aus – Episode # 15”

  1. The lamb, peas and choicolate hazelnut poudding looked so delicious. I want to try baking these soon.

    It was nice to see the chefs cook with their kids too. I had a feeling Chef Moran had kids- he was so great with the kids during the boxing ring challenge.

  2. I wish that George had chosen the eliminated kids to taste Stephanbie's roast, rather than the 4 finalists. I just think it would've been a nice touch.

  3. Seems like they had enough for everyone to taste. I would hope they all got to taste and it just wasn't shown. I thought it was nice when Cassidy and Alex got to help :)

    It kind of made me sad when George asked one of the chef's kids about cooking at home and she said her dad usually isn't there but sometimes she cooks instead of her mom. It's nice that they got to cook together on the show at least.

  4. If the points board determined who was in the lead, Sophia deserved to be in the lead.

    Every time that child, Sophia, succeeded, her win was negated.

    She won first — and had the most overall points — these points were ignored. She unambiguous won second– and had the most overall points — these were ignored.

    Others might fuss that her donuts were burnt, but they do no take into account that Sophia had the good sense to make doubles — just in case one set was bad.

    Sophia was robbed of her title as Jr. Masterchef..

  5. Thanks for the spoiler Lily Rose…this episode wasn't showing the final so you had to come back here to spoil it for us.

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