November 9th

Junior Masterchef Aus – Episode # 14

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35 Responses to “Junior Masterchef Aus – Episode # 14”

  1. Love little Lucy, her spirit is great. She's so tiny for 11, but she makes up for it with a great heart. I don't want to see any of these kids go out, they're all stars (Jack makes up in huge enthusiasm what he lacks in technique) but if I had to save one of them, it would be Lucy.

  2. Makes me shed a tear of proudness and happiness for these kids, they are all amazing and ALL adult coocks should watch them couse they could learn so much from them, in terms of how they are and what drives them! Kudos to all of them! :)

  3. Aww this elimination is particularly sad :( I'm glad they're all coming back for the last Masterclass. It was also nice to see the Moms again. I thought it was funny when Cassidy's mom asked the camera, "Did my child cook this?"

  4. I will miss cassidy.

  5. I was rooting for Pierre. Still can't understand why they would pick Jack over him. I don't want to seem like I'm picking on little kids, but Jack seems to be too arrogant for someone who cooks so messy.

    Anyway, goooooooooooooooooo Sienna!!!!

  6. isthisthesofiashow? Says:
    November 9th, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Be careful Fan, Megan H will be all over you like a rash for saying anything remotely negative about any of the contestants because they're kids…

  7. Jack and Pierre I think are both great because they both have individual styles. I think they will both have successful restaurants one day. And I think Sienna is a star! :) I wish we could make it five and add Pierre…..

  8. Didn't understand what you meant until i read the comments on the previous episode.LOL. I actually agree with what you said then regarding Sofia's glorified donuts. Even Sofia said some were burnt, but to the judges' eyes they were "caramelized."

    Before I get bashed, I would like to reiterate that all the kids are amazing but viewers are allowed to have their favorites and as long as nobody is wishing any kid harm it is okay to give comments and constructive criticisms regarding the show and the kids. :P

  9. I actually don't have any issue with what Fan said. Saying Jack seems arrogant and is messy are both things that can be observed from watching the episodes. Saying the judges were being unfair based on the appearance of the dish when you weren't able to taste it is a different thing. I guess it's just me, but it bothers me when the integrity of the show is challenged, and that's probably not what you had intended to do, but I just had to say something.

    If Fan had said "Jack seems to arrogant and cooks so messy, and therefore his food must suck and the judges just like him for his big personality," then I would probably take issue with it. I guess I put it the wrong way in the other comment. I should have distinguished between the fact that I like all of them, and the fact that I was bothered that it was suggested that the competition was somehow unfair. I would say it regardless of whether they were kids or adults. I don't like to think that the winner of any show will be questioned because of a comment about fairness.

    Sorry, I clearly upset you. I wasn't trying to attack you personally; I was trying to comment rationally on what could be inferred from your statement. And I guess personally I don't like seeing negative comments about kids because when adults sign up for these shows, they know exactly what they're getting into, but with the kids, there's that fine line. Of course, that's not your fault at all, but I guess I'm touchy on the subject. Sorry about that.

  10. There's no good way to eliminate so many great kids at that point. Most of them had to go, which is so sad since each of them is so adorable and talented.

    Re: the fairness of the competition, it does seem conceivable that they'd want a sister v. sister finale, or the youngest competitor in there. I don't know whether they would blatently judge a poor dish better than a good one to achieve this ratings-booster (I don't think I would give it a second thought if it were an American show — I am totally jaded by American "reality" t.v.!), but I knew at least one boy would make it into the finale. Jack is the biggest surprise, but of course he seems talented. We can't taste the food, so unless something is burned or obviously raw, they can judge the dishes any way they want. Overall, though, this show is great for so many reasons, my favorite being its positivity.

    I'd be happy with any of these final 4 kids winning, but I'm partial to the girls because they've been so supportive of others. Siena is like this season's Callum — so young and with an obvious bright future that she'll succeed in something whether she wins this or not. The twins have always seemed far and above everyone else. :)

  11. :'(Wah! it is too sad to see, Cassidy and Lucy go home.
    Both are sweet girls, and given how high up Cassidy was on the scoreboard, I honestly thought she'd make it to the top 4. L:ucy was a darling saying how the 2 chosen deserved it. She's a very good sport.

    TBH, I really would have preferred it if they'd kept all 8 to participate in all these challenges, and then allowed the top 4 on the scoreboard to get through,
    As much as I like Jacck, I am surprised he was put through instead of Pierre. It was unlucky that one of Pierre's fish rolls was undercooked as throughout the comp he has shown more technique.

    I find it interesting that the 4 who didn't get put through today didn't mention that they'd try masterchef again next year. I hope they retain their love of cooking and seriously consider it as a career in the future.

    Ps: thx to realitytvfan for posting this show. :)

  12. Wow! Sooooooooo many commercials! Love this show though!

  13. isthisthesofiashow? Says:
    November 10th, 2010 at 8:33 am

    No offence taken. Peace. ^_^

    The halo effect can be unintentional.
    I know they get to taste the food, but some of her doughnuts looked overly burned. They were beyond caramelized, and this is coming from a girl who likes slightly charred food…
    When I watched it, I thought "finally, one of the other little kids will have a chance to get top spot, so I was happy for them". It's not that I dislike Sofia, but it is my nature to go for the underdog. As such, I was a disappointed that one of the littlies didn't get top spot. I mean, Sofia was so far ahead, it wouldn't have affected her that much.

    The kids are wonderful sports, but I can imagine it must be hard for them being up against a competitor that strong. I just wish they had more of a chance that's all. I'm the person who has always bought the sickly, runt as a pet. Sometimes for the worse, as they weren't strong enough to survive. Nevertheless, my support of the underdog continues!

  14. Agreed in all accounts – also I think what got Jack through was his excellent palate, which he does seem to have. His dishes have constantly been described as "packed with flavor" and delicious.

    Still, sorry to see four kids cut from the competition – they are such brilliant and exceptional children all of them. Their parents must be beaming with pride!

  15. The number of commercials is getting a little ridiculous.

  16. I don't see any commercials ?????
    love the show could not have picked a top four glad it's not my job, I only
    wish I could cook as well as any of them :)

  17. Deborah Lockerby Says:
    November 10th, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    I will miss Cassidy very much too. It looked like she took it quite well but it must hurt despite how much she has achieved. She brought such warmth to the show.

  18. Deborah Lockerby Says:
    November 10th, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    I agree with you that they should have had the top 4 on the scoreboard go through. It seems unfair that Cassidy should have gotten so high on the scoreboard , in the top 4 (from near the bottom too!) and then not get through. What was the point of the scoreboard if they are not going to use it for anything really in the end?

  19. Yeah, I keep hearing about commercials but haven't seen any. Where are you watching from and what browser are you using? Maybe someone here could help you figure out how to avoid the commercials.

  20. Splinterette Says:
    November 11th, 2010 at 2:21 am

    What is with these commercials? We never had them with the daily motion uploads before. I think it's particularly funny that these boobalicious VS commercials keep interrupting Junior masterchef. very appropriate, lol. Hopefully they'll fix this problem before the finale.

  21. so many commercials I couldn't even watch the show. :(

  22. thanks for posting it though! Hopefully daily motion will get its act together.

  23. I don't see any. Are you sure this isn't a problem with your system? Some spyware that can infect a machine open up pop up windows to show adds while you are browsing the web, and that can get quite bad.

    Though I am using fixefox with the "add block plus" add-on, which means that I don't get 99% of all the add pop-ups out there. It tends to cut out the most intrusive adds.

  24. I too was surpriced that Jack got through, but then again, it seems that the one consistant thing about his dishes, if you listen to the judges, has been that they've always been very, very tasty – he seems to have an exceptionally good palate, and has mastered seasoning well beyond his years. I think this is probably what got him through.

    Still sorry to see anyone go – those last 8 kids are beyond amazing. I know that I for sure couldn't handle the challenge they were put through here, half as well as they did, and I'm three times their average age. :O

  25. Something weird is going on with the commercials…I've never had them before and this time they popped up every 5 minutes! VERY annoying; it ruined the show for me!

  26. COMMERCIALS!!! YUCK!!! I've never had this problem before; obviously something's going on with dailymotion? It was running a minute of commercials for every five minutes of the show. It completely ruined the episode for me, and I don't think I could watch it here again. Anybody know anywhere else on the web that this show is posted so I can watch the finale? Bummer!

  27. I am so sad to see the little tots go. They were the cutest! Cassidy, Lucy, and Pierre were some of my favorites from the beginning. I understand that it is a cooking show, not a personality show, so unfortunately the kids with about half of the personality and cuteness got through to the final four (Sophia, Isabella, Jack). At least Siena is there to be adorable! It is kind of a bummer because as a kids' show the idea is to see little tiny cuties cooking…I think with Sophia, Isabella, and Jack being nearly teenagers it definitely takes away from the "junior" novelty.

    I'm looking forward to the finale, but I won't watch it if there are commercials every five minutes! Hopefully that can get fixed. I wish either Lucy or Cassidy had made it; I will really miss their sunshine!

  28. Cassidy's the same age as Sofia, Isabella.. 12. Lucy is 11. I don't think it has much to do with age, just size :)

  29. You need to download some sort of ad-block for your browser. For anyone who's seeing the ads, it's not so much a problem with the videos as it is a problem with your computer's security. It's an easy fix and could prevent other unrelated security problems later on down the line.

  30. To the people complaining about the advertisements- you need to look at your PC security.

    I have NEVER had a commercial pop up whilst watching any of the videos on this site. My security is set pretty high so as to eliminate pop ups etc. Do0 hyou use a pop up blocker?

  31. It's not a pop up. It's from dailymotion itself. It does not happen every time though.

    Anyone calling it a "pop up" has likely not ever seen the commercial.

  32. Then it may be possible that Dailymotion recognizes your location, and if they have commercials relevant to your country, they show them. Really strange though.

  33. When in doubt, Google…

    During the summer, Dailymotion began experimenting with "monetizing" videos by inserting interactive ad videos into the main video stream — you can click on the actual ad to visit the url of the advertiser. They are also factoring in the location of the viewer — most likely based on an IP address ping — which explains why all my ad inserts at the end of October were California political campaigns.

    So, if you're in the test market, you'll get the ad insertion; if not, you have no idea what all the fuss is about. Unfortunately, should the test markets yield a positive response, you probably will soon.

  34. I wish they had put the sisters in different seasons. i don't like the fact that they are both in the top four. Also, to all of you hating on Jack, I see nothing arrogant about him. He seems to make dishes the judges always enjoy. I hope he wins.

  35. Great show! Absolutely love it.

    Regarding Sophia's doughnuts – SOME of her doughnuts were burned. In the challenges, the contestants make more portions than they are going to serve. They select the best that they cook and present that to the judges. It is all part of the cooking process. A burnt doughnut tells you that you need to adjust the heat for the next batch which she did. I did not see any burnt doughnuts on the plate that she served the judges.

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