November 7th

Junior Masterchef Aus – Episode # 13

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15 Responses to “Junior Masterchef Aus – Episode # 13”

  1. Go Siena!

  2. She is super star!

  3. LOVE Siena — she's sweet AND talented. Though at this point, it's hard to imagine any of them having to go :(

  4. isthisthesofiashow? Says:
    November 8th, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Sophia….again.Glorified donuts… She could serve any crap and the judges would gush over it. It's getting a bit boring.

    I thought that some of the other desserts looks better, more sophisticated and more challenging.

  5. Are you saying you can tell by watching the show that what she's making is just "any crap"? Honestly, it's a subjective show. We can only see what they make, and the judges are the ones tasting it.

    I think they're doing an amazing job of making this fun and a great learning experience for the kids. I think we should follow their lead and not bash any of these kids because it seems to be a little predictable. Some of the kids may be more endearing in the interviews and others might be more shy and reserved. I think they're all amazing nonetheless..

  6. Lovethisshow! Says:
    November 8th, 2010 at 8:32 am

    Sofia is clearly an amazing cook, you can tell by the judges faces when they eat the food. Competitions aren't made so that each cook can be at the top, if a person is good they should be rewarded for their efforts.

    I think that the other 2 finalists will be Isabella and Cassidy.

  7. isthisthesofiashow? Says:
    November 8th, 2010 at 9:50 am

    I didn't say IS.
    I said that she COULD make anything and the judges would go ga ga for it.
    There is a difference.

    Pierre's dessert looked reataurant quality, and some of the others showed a lot more creativity and took a little more risk, rather than just recyling a safe family recipe.

    I wasn't verbally bashing the kid.
    I just think that where that contestant is concerned, the judges have the halo effect.

  8. Right, you're not directly bashing anyone, but by saying some of those things, you're inferring that regardless of what she makes, the judges would like it. To me, that's saying that the judges have made the competition unfair. I think that's a huge thing to suggest just by judging on the appearance of the dishes. I'm just saying there's no way to know how something tastes just by looking at it.

    Is it not possible that everything she's made has actually tasted amazing? I think when it comes down to a cooking competition, taste is always the most important thing. It can look amazing, but if it doesn't taste good, it's not going to win. On the flip side, there can be flaws in the appearance but it can taste amazing. The judges chose Nick's pear dish back in that pressure test even though his pears had holes in them. I just haven't seen any evidence of favoritism.. Siena is also constantly placing high and just like with Sofia, I believe it is because the judges constantly like how her food tastes.

  9. Still loving this show; Sophia has been a pretty clear winner from the start (although things could change; remember Marion?) but I think the judges are doing a fair job and the kids are just so endearing. Siena is the second most adorable thing I've ever seen (after my daughter of course!).

    I do have three big complaints: 1) I wish it was on more than once a week (masterclass doesn't count), 2) I wish they didn't do as many masterclasses as competition episodes (maybe people find them educational, but that's not why I watch the show! I never watch the masterclasses), and 3) I really wish they wouldn't do a preview of the show at the beginning of the episode. I HATE seeing what's about to happen! Why does any show do that?!! I have to skip past it and then have buffering problems.

    Loving the Aussies, as usual…I also really enjoyed their Project Runway and Top Model series.

  10. I found it interesting when the premier dessert chef almost begged for Sophia's recipe for her dessert. If that doesn't indicate her dessert was the best, I don't know what does.

  11. sienna is surely a sweetie with that smile………and she is always thinking about the other kids. When she won, she whispered to Sophia she was sorry about Isabella not winning.

  12. yay, it's up.
    Wow, Sienna! Great to see her get through to the final.
    The children did a great job of cooking pheasant; I don't even know how.

    Children's cooking has come a long way.
    I remember beinfg a bit insulted when our year 7 home economics teacher taught us how to make traffic light sandwiches. They were so basic a prep could do them. It5's great to see them learning about fresh produce.

  13. Sophie is amazing, and so is Sienna – and that's among a group of kids the likes of which I've never seen before. Sienna's pheasant dish made my mouth water – that was sooooo restaurant quality, and you could just tell it was delicious by looking at it. Too bad you can't transmit taste through a video. :)

    And the kids show such great sportsmanship too, they are a shining example that we can all look up to.

  14. youngest chef same age as me :D

  15. She's a cutie

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