October 29th

Project Runway USA 8 – Episode # 14 (Dailymotion)

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131 Responses to “Project Runway USA 8 – Episode # 14 (Dailymotion)”

  1. *Spoiler alert!*

    Mondo got robbed!!!! I cannot believe Gretchen won, ugh, that self entitled bitch…so not a fan of hers (or her clothing).

  2. Tempest Wylde Says:
    October 29th, 2010 at 11:55 am

    Thank you so SO much for this. For the first year I have been able to watch a season (all the way here in Australia) in close to real time.

    I really appreciate it thank you.

  3. In my opinion, the winners collection was the weakest :(

  4. i'm so not happy!!!! urgh!!!!!

  5. gretchen's was so plain and dowdy, i'm shocked at the winner

  6. Oh my god, worst PR ever, I'm so disappointed with the result. :(

  7. Jessica Simpson as a guest judge? How low rent!

  8. i thought the 3rd place designer did very well. Its a new form of asthetic that paid attention to particular region/origin in a very modern way. I disliked how the judges dismisses this designer's work/show so rapidly.

    1st place designer, yeah well deserved.
    2nd place designer should have been the 3rd in my opinion.

  9. I just loved Heidi's hissy fit at the end. I can't believe that boring Michael Kors and boring Nina Garcia won that argument so that boring Gretchen won the show! Zzzzzzzz…

  10. hedi was right, mondo was set up, all season he was praised again and again for his colours, contrasting prints and his showmanship. It counted for nothing once gretchen puts hats and heels on her models. I think nina was incorrect about her assesment of mondo's youth market orientation – if you look at high end designers like karen millen, bold pieces are often worn with more demure skirts and pants (like hedi said) which takes away the youth element. ou can bet your life that if mondo had toned down his collection you would have heard "you played it safe", "you didnt stay true to yourself" and "we expected more of a show from you". he couldnt win.

  11. I am shocked, and not all that happy with the result.

  12. Wow. Nina and esp. Michael were super bitchy and wouldn't budge an inch. I find it ridiculous that Nina laughed when she asked if Heidi would really wear this or that out of Mondo's collection. Would Nina wear those granny panties Gretchen made? And Gretchen had about 3 or 4 pairs of those! Actually a lot of designer (Prada, D & G etc.) have made granny / diaper panties in the last few years for their runway shows, but these do not end up on hangers in the shops they are just for the runway show. And praising Gretchen for her odd mixed prints, granny panties etc. as 'contemporary' (just because some major designer have done similar things recently) seemed ridiculous to me.
    She had some horrible items in her collection like that weird leather(?) short coat/vest thing over panties etc. While I have to admit that mondos stlyling was way over the top for a runway show (a sleek hairstyle would have made the clothes seem less gimmicky and put the focus of the eye on the clothes and not the weird hair pieces) filled with over-the-top clothes. Mondo was robbed, but so was Michael C. last week. But what did I expect, this is project runway…they rarely chose a deserving winner. (Remember Allstars?
    Uli was robbed -_-! So was Korto!) Ugh… I should really stop watching this show.

  13. The truth is you can all argue about the winners and loser, but in the end they're the professionals and they know which one will make more sucess in the fashion industry and if you can't respect that… Well to bad for you.

  14. cathleeninnh Says:
    October 29th, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    I love Tim.

    About the results, I am very surprised. Going in, I had Mondo at 80% and Gretchen only having a small chance because Heidi seemed to love her. Watching the collections, I wavered and then Heidi seemed to jump camp during deliberations.

    I liked Andy's stuff. I was pleasantly surprised with Gretchen's and disappointed that Mondo didn't tone done the over the top styling.

  15. valerie hutchings Says:
    October 29th, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    michael kors said they were looking for the next great designer…well, they missed the mark on this one! the final two collections were so very different, yet we WILL hear from the runner up in the future…probably louder than we will hear from the winner! best of luck to the final three in all their future endeavors!

  16. well put.

  17. i actually screamed "NOOO!". not happy.

  18. I would have been happy with either Mondo or Gretchen as the winner.

    I really like Gretchen's boho aesthetic. Her looks were clean and sophisticated, while still being light, airy and fresh. I think people are criticising her far too harshly. How many years have we seen a virtually all black collection in the finale, sometimes as the winner? You all seem to be claiming hers is dull and dowdy simply because her pallette is rooted in brown, earthy shades. Personally, I think brown is much more stylish than black anyway. Black is oppressive and overused. She has great style and she was a deserving winner.

    At the same time, I agree with people who are saying Mondo's collection was not junior. You're right – it's not at all. It is a little young, but it falls into the same fun, playful design bracket as a label like Manoush. There is a space for it out there.

    It's a pity they didn't seem to have a fan favourite this year, because Mondo would have won that for sure.

  19. Elle online has all the collections for PR that showed at Fashion week. The Michaels, April, Valerie, Casanova, Christopher and Ivy showed their collections. Having seen the Top 3 collections before I saw this today, I seriously didn't expect Gretchen to win. Have Nina and Michael Kors lost their edge? When they chose Gretchen as the winner of the first challenge I knew something was wrong with them. Gretchen's clothes are a yawn, boring, safe. Which is fine for RTW but not for the runway. May Mondo have a long and spectacular career.

  20. aesthetic – pronunciation – / ?sθ?t?k /

  21. I liked the results! Not of fan of Gretchen herself, but her collection was clearly more sophisticated.

  22. "Literally salt and sugar"? REALLY??????

  23. I call bulls@#!t, Michael C was dropped because his pieces were monotone and The winners whole collection was monotone!! Worst PR ever!

  24. Micheal and Nina are definitely getting too old for this….. So Wrong!!!

  25. WTF?!! GRETCHEN! You have got to be kidding me. The judges need to pull their heads out of their asses. So DIAPERS are going to be the big rage? She must have had half her collection with diapers. MONDO WAS ROBBED!!

    And WTF was the whining about last weeks collection of Michael's being all one color, and yet Gretchen ugly crap was all one note. HOLY CRAP! I can't believe Mondo lost.


  26. Mmmm I do not agree with the winner. But I think the producers and judgers decided to prove that ready to wear fashion is also important. Almost in every season they've named the most avant-garde or crazy designer. I understand the objective but Mondo had ready to wear and crazy pieces. In my opinion the decision didn't make sense because they said fashion changes very quick and chose Gretchen who they said was the "now" designer, which is contradictory with they're argument.

    I liked the intention, but I think the winner was way to forced to surprise. Mondo should've won, no doubt.

  27. Looks like Project Runway has officially jumped the shark and where is karma when you need it?

  28. Gretchen's clothing really wasn't as bad as everyone seems to state. She did have some really nice seperates and she has that sleek resort-bohemian style going for her. However I do feel Mondo should have won. His designs were exceptional beyond a doubt I really didn't see the "young" issue Nina continued to rant about.. He has a lot of stuff I would personally wear.. I love the bright colours and bold prints.. it's very different its amazing…. I hated how they said he was not of the present fashion time…while gretchen was… I didn't agree with that.. He has a kooky esthetic to him.. like Betsy Johnson and the late Alexander McQueen and people LOVE them for that.. AND let's really say it.. they didn't choose him because they chose Seth Aaron last yr… Let's face it… Seth Aaron was kooky but his designs were absolutely ATROCIOUS ..Emilio Sosa should have won that season.. and HE GOT JOBED!

  29. fuck

  30. Now, good luck to the winner, that's amazing. I know she's not a popular winner, but I think that's by the by. Good for her, and her collection was truly quite wearable.

    Great season, and I am REALLY pleased they didn't got with the most outlandish collection by default, just because…




  32. I actually really liked Gretchen's collection. There was nothing that I didn't like!
    I have been a huge fan of Mondo's all season, but I was disappointed with his collection. *sniff* I HATED that polka dot print… all season he has used really fun prints and now.. that god awful polka dot??? Yuck! The dress looked like a night gown. I totally agreed with the judges that he should have edited his clothes a lot more. I thought gretchen did a really good job with the accessories and styling.

  33. I totally agree! I think that often people think that the boldest should win just because they have dared to be so different. But bold doesn't equal the best.. there has to be more than that.

  34. I agree with the Seth Aaron comment, I've been thinking about the similarity all season. However, in my mind Seth Aaron is good at making clothes that stand out and fit well, but Mondo has soo much more. I'm not crazy about the b/w prints but there's a lot of other stuff for me in his collection anyway. I think what says it best is that at the end of his show I thought "is that all, I want moore!". Whereas with the other two designers it was the other way around, I felt I had seen their whole collections after just six or seven looks.

    Love Mondo and surely hope we will see more of him!

  35. Gretchen's collection is basically already so genetric, its been carried by at forever 21for years!
    It screams so on trend, the is no future!?? A dungeons and dragons medieval festival collections, horrible! She basically does bad Chloe, H&M , just tragic! I HATE THIS SHOW!!! BOOO

  36. I LOOOOVE THE WINNER! Gretchen, you rocked it girl :)
    on the other hand Monodo's collection was very sath aaron, and childish!
    I'm so happy :)

  37. I'm very-very disappointed. Gretchen had good pieces, I' not saying that she did bad, but was there any "wow" in her show? No. It was very plain and monotonic. She did not show variety in colors. The judges didn't like Micheal C's clothes because they were all brownish, but now that Andy and Gretchen used the same colors for 10 pieces they are in awe. I seriously don't get this.

    They just punished Mondo, because he "didn't listen" to them and he kept the polkadot dress. It was his major piece btw. which looked great.
    On the other hand they praised Gretchen, because she "listened to them" by putting high-heels and a bit more modern make-up and hair-style? What the…? It's not the same to change clothes and change hair-styles. Man… :(

    And Gretchen's choice of colors and patterns… if that's fashion forward, my grandma in the village should show her clothes from her closet in Fashion Week right now.

    Mondo maybe a wild horse, but I'm sure more people will remember his clothes, than Gretchen's and unfortunately Andy's.

    I'm sad that Andy did not do too well, but he used 2 colors and it was not that hip. Too bad he couldn't show there his pieces from PR weekly tasks, he may have won with them.

  38. I just don't like Gretchen so she shouldn't have won…yep i said it…its the truth of how i feel. Her clothes were definitely more ready to wear…is that bad, dunno, i'd prob be able to fit into her clothes better than Mondo's lol.

    I love Mondo and wanted him to win from day one, but honestly, those hair things pushed it a little too far.. we all know they did.

    I do admit when the winner was called i was like "wtf, are u kidding me?!?"


  39. I'd definitely wear most of Gretchens clothes, she designs like kate moss for topshop… which is very cool for an american

  40. Oh, I m so angry at Mondo. I was hoping that he would edit down his collection. If he took away those accessories and shoes, it would have been so much more sophisticated..but with these pieces his collection reminds me of cheesy Japanese fashion for teens..

  41. i hate Grechens design they are for my grand ma's,,what did they find in it,,yak Wrong choice.
    Heidi,mondo hatte die besten design und ich verstehe es nicht warum er nicht gewonnen hat,,grechen design sieht alle alt aus meine oma kann nicht von kaufen,Falsche einscheidung
    But it doesn't matter MONDO YOU ARE THE WINNER;:;

  42. I can't belive Gretchen won :(

  43. Agree. Michael Kors swung it. He loved her because he produces boring middle-of-the-road clothes and so does she.

    Luckily Mondo will go on to great things, and she won't.

  44. Sick. Sick. Sick. Heidi put up a good fight, but she lost to the forces of meh.

  45. Worst. Winner. Ever.

  46. "Running through thunder" = Love it!

  47. Un-fucking-believable!!! Mondo's collection was the best in all senses. I do feel he'd been able to adapt to fashion, even more, he would've been able to set a trend. Mondo was the only one with an actual point of view. It is not a matter of who's louder or not, but who can actually translate a vision into clothes. I did not get that from Gretchen, I think all she did was pretty clothes; it was like Nicole Ritche on crack with a pretty garment.

    As a matter of fact, I was so dissapointed on Nina and Michael, who always had a very forward opinion, who always searched for that special thing in the designer. Now, both of them don't seem interested in fashion rather than making bussiness, like two old (I'm sorry for this, but is true) too old people too stuck on their own opinion to take a risk, to support the odd one out.

    It was such a sad thing to watch.

  48. Well said. However I would also add in general the talent this season is not up to par with previous seasons. I remember watching finales and feeling really wowed by at least one or a few pieces by at least all the designers. I didn't feel that with any of the pieces in any of the collections this time around. Originally I thought Mondo would win and I feel he is more innovative than Gretchen BUT something was missing from his collection for me.

    I didn't find Gretchen's boring but I do think she needed a bit more colour as Nina pointed out. Going from what was shown it's likely that I'd wear something from her collection.

  49. Jessica Simpson is a cow :x

  50. lol i'm from australia too and i've been doing what you're doing for the past three years :D GOOOO REALITYTVFAN.ORG!!!

  51. MONDO SHOULD OF WON. sooooooooooooo sad. he was true to himself the whole season without being catty or bitchy. gretchen makes beautiful clothes, but mondo had a spark about him. and everything he designed was so amazing!!

  52. Nina and Michael are getting old…

  53. I love his hair too!

  54. Glad I'm not a woman, I'd hate to have to throw on a diaper, a big hat and some sunglasses next season. Gretchen's clothing is just so unsophisticated and old, I don't know why Nina & Michael though just because she put hats and high heels on them that they were sexy and new.

    I really enjoyed Andy's choice of fabrics, he just needed a bit more variety in there. If I was female, I would LOVE that green fabric, and matched with that silver, yum. I think he could have really used some black pieces in there, and just 1 or 2 of his signature wild fighter-woman pieces.

    I think Mondo just went a little overboard, when you have pieces that really stand out, you need something to tone it down just to balance it, stuff like the weird hats and bows in their hair didn't help. The little dress with the squares on the front and the pink shawl thingy looked terrible, and so did the beaded skull top. He does amazing stuff with prints and patterns though, he just needs to work with those.

    Overall I'm disappointed, I felt Gretchen should have gone home much earlier in the show, probably in the first half, I thought her looks were unattractive and old.

  55. i should've known how stupid this was going to end a long time ago…i have a subscription to marie claire and i've noticed how lily white and skinny everything they mention is (excluding the plus size girl who does that article…whatever…). what the f&%k? the designers explained not once or twice, but numerous times what their inspirations were, and then they shit on andy who is from such a zen place and was talented enough to be able to translate it into fashion, not macy's sale fashion. mondo's line can go anywhere. gretchen's bullshit is going no further than middle yuppie america…this is the biggest load of shit!!!! I AM OUTRAGED!!!!!

  56. Mondo should have won. He would make a huge contribution to the designing industry. He's unique and fresh with a rare impeccable eye for putting patterns together. Gretchen likes to dress women in very easy, loosly-fitted clothes which is nice too. However, she hasn't brought much to the table in the show. Her clothes became worst and worst and her talents decrease as the show went on. Mondo grew throughout the show and he won the most challenges. Nina couldn't connect with Mondo's clothes beacause, simply, she is getting older and her taste level is aging as well. Michael Kors is a blah designer. Both Nina and Michael are behind-the-scene kind of people, while Heidi and Jessica are more out there and attend red carpet events often so they are more on-trend with what people are liking. PROJECT RUNWAY: YOU MISSED OUT ON THE NEXT ICONIC DESIGNER. WHEN HE BECOME THE NEXT HOUSEHOLD DESIGNER NAME (IE LEBOUTIN), YOU WILL CRY YOURSELF TO SLEEP. MUHAHAHA!

  57. I'm from NZ and doing the same thing! Make sure you watch the sponsored vids so the site owner can afford to keep doing this ESSENTIAL PUBLIC SERVICE. ;D Ya know, I didn't like Gretchens clothes. I thought Andy should have won it, but not with those clothes. He should have done more of his edgy stuff. Mondo is not on my planet, although I can wonder at his amazing creativity.

  58. Gretchen's clothes and design aesthetic are DULL, BORING and BLAND. Her color choice was uninspiring, and who the hell wants to wear high waisted granny daiper panties as outerwear?
    Mondo's clothes are fun and fashion forward. Nina and Michael contradicted themselves. They praised him all season for these things, and then did a 180 tonight.

    Both Michael and Niokna think old and should be replaced next season. Perhaps Nina felt that Gretchen's boring print would camouflage her widening figure… maybe if Elle Magazine was involved, Mono could've had more luck. Marie Claire does seem more suitable for older, conservativish women. Michael has made a career out of selling safe, boring clothes. He isn't the most fashion forward choice of a judge is he? He wouldn't know if fashion innovation bitch slapped him in the face.
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.:@ I;m so irritated. Gretchen;s clothes suck. Let's hope the PR curse stays true.

  59. PR just crashed and burned. I'm so disappointed with many aspects of this season — I won't be watching again

  60. I could NOT disagree more. Take all of what you said, make it the exact opposite and THAT'S what I think.

  61. See my reply above.

  62. If Gretchen is Fashion, I'd rather wear a burlap sack. She is horrible, and a bully. And now she's getting money for it. If she had been a nice person, winning with such horrid clothes wouldn't have been so bad – but she's a bad designer AND a bad person. Evil witch.


  64. Gretchen is C&A collection..

  65. I WEAR Kate Moss for Topshop and have never seen shit-coloured granny clothes in the collection ever. Do not insult Kate Moss for Topshop.

  66. I agree

  67. I totally agree with you. I didn't expect to feel like that towards the results, but I really appreciated Gretchen's collection more than expected! And yes, Mondo's looked a bit too tacky and Seth Aaron for me, but I know most people don't agree.

  68. To think….they kicked out Micheal C. for presenting all brown! Gretchen's outfits were so boring and drab. Who will where those ganny panties?….Micheal Kors? Even the audience looked bored when Gretchen's model walked down the runway. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!

  69. I think winning a show like this is a curse anyway. Runner up is always what you want to be.

    At least greten needs the money to live but in all honesty no one would buy her stuff because she is unlikable as a person.

    Mondo will still be a success, his stuff was awesome

  70. Lame. Lame. Lame. It's never been so clear who the winner should have been. And this is not the first time Heidi has been the lone voice of reason. Whatever … the runner-up is the next great American designer, whether Michael and Nina like it or not.

  71. I would love to know what Tim Gunn thinks about the jusges elimination choice.
    earlkier in the season he posten short videos after epsiodes about what really happened on the show. Sadly, they've stopped and I wouldn't be surpsired if Bravo have silenced him.

  72. I never knew that a fashion show was meant to represent ready to wear… i thought it was meant to be a 'wow' moment to sort of show what the designer can do..
    gretchen= BORING!!!
    the only reason nina and michael wanted her to win is because she listened to them and mondo decided to follow his instincts.
    i am actually put off of watch PR, this is meant to be fashion forward, correct?
    gretchen's clothes will only make it in cheap department stores but.. i guess thats what they wanted, stupid judges!
    very proud of heidi defending mondo!

  73. Disappointed viewer Says:
    October 30th, 2010 at 4:41 am

    It's really hard to say who should've have won.

    The way Gretchen was set up through the entire season, I knew straight away that she would be in the top 3. However, Gretchen totally manipulated everyone to get where she is today. Gretchen's style is old and boring. Mondo was good but did go over the top. And that square dress that the designers thought was good? Are they kidding themselves??? Let's be honest guys, you would really that polka dot dress and square dress? Andy's colour choice was limited but his clothes looked very sleek and expensive. I did NOT like how they chose to eliminate Andy so quickly without giving some thought.

  74. Disappointed viewer Says:
    October 30th, 2010 at 4:41 am

    This is my first time watching PR and I must say I'm disappointed with the show. Heidi knows absolutely nothing. Why is Jessica Simpson a judge? Really?! Tim should have been the final judge. The judges are complete hypocrites.

    They initially said Andy's design were innovative but too crazy and that's why he choose to be safe! Dock marks for that…

    They initially said Mondo's design and prints were creative. He choose to use that but then they say it looks too childish. Dock marks for that…

    They initially said Gretchen has lost steam and was a bitch/controller. Her clothes all had the same design!!! Don't dock marks for that…

    I'm never going to watch PR ever again!

  75. I'm surprised at the consensus thus far; gretchen shouldn't have won, her clothes are frumpy. I was, and still am a huge mondo fan, and was truthfully routing for him, but I am so happy for Gretchen. Her clothes were sooooo wearable, yet so chic. Andy's collection was just blah, pure grey with a few green splashes (not to mention how ill fitting the shirts seemed). Mondo is such a showman, but I was disappointed with a couple of looks, the pink dress with the squares, for instance, seemed unwearable. I do agree with the judges' assessment of his clothing as rather juvenile at times. I still heart Mondo though. Gretchen's collection was, in my humble opinion, far from frumpy. Hers was a line that could grace the racks of any high end shop. I'm so inspired by her story and her struggles and am just plain proud she has triumphed.

  76. Oh yeah, for all of you who have a problem with the outcome of the split vote. Just remember, Heidi is only a model and Jessica Simpson is, well, Jessica Simpson. The only true fashion expertise lie in Nina and Michael Cors. I feel that they, even if Nina is, as some have suggested, maturing, possess the best sense of what has been, is, and will be in fashion.

  77. BTW I loved, loved, loved the polka dot dress Mondo sent down. It was fantastic!

  78. I AGREEEE!!!

  79. Gretchen might have won, but it will be Mondo brand clothing we will see. The phrase "Thats so Mondo" will stick!
    The 70s are over, very few girls will buy her peices. Fashion is missing clothing like Mondos that fun, hip, and can be paired with average clothing giving them a pop. I can't wait to see more from him. Only wish he could see the praise he deserves. Very disappointed with this seasons PR, even without the poor decision of the winner. The dumb drama of some of these people made it at times unwatchable.

    But a HUGE Thanks to Realitytvfan.org !! I'll be sure to donate! You have all my shows for me, I can have a life, and watch my shows too! <3 ya!!!!

  80. I love Tim, too. I totally trust his judgement. Does he have any say in who wins PR or is it all Michael & Nina? I never liked Gretchen stuff, too old lady – I don't get the Hippie thing – what's hippie about a black dress with a vest – not even my mum would wear that and she's 70. I loved Mondo's designs during the show but was a bit overwhelmed with his final collection – too much going on for my liking. I liked Andy's collection, he's so skillful. Not my favourite PR season I have to say – a lot of drama (Michael C) – I'm glad it's over to be honest. I wouldn't mind seeing another All stars season.

  81. D'uh! People are aware that this is not a personality contest.

    So real people can walk out in public wearing grandma undies? I don't think so!

  82. I too am in Australia. A great big thank you to Realitytvfan.org,but I feel like I have wasted 3 months of my life. I can't believe she was in the final three,much less the winner. I feel this season has been the weakest so far, but Mondo was the only standout.I didn't even consider that he wouldn't win.I have been in the fashion industry for many years ,lived through Hippy years.Gretchen's collection was Hippy diarrhoea.[including the colour].I could almost smell the patouli oil through the computer.Yuk.Her jewelry was nice though.Time for new judges.Korrs and Garcia have passed their use by date.If they are still there next series I don't think I can watch,but I need my project runway fix.Especially as we are not having an Aussie series this year.

  83. staplegirlcreation Says:
    October 30th, 2010 at 8:45 am

    Not happy with the results. I loved Mondo's collection better. It was fun, different and wearable. I like clothes that pop and have a bold statement. Gretchen's collection was safe and boring…I got lost looking at my nails for a moment during her show. I guess whats now is people wanting to be like sheeps: blend and safe. I disagree with the juvenile comment. Nina clearly likes to dress like she's 90. They were looking for excuse to pick Gretchen over Mondo, it became ridiculous at some point. I guess they didnt want a collection with a good sense of humor like Seth from last season. Worst PR ever in my opinion.

  84. Best season yet! :D

  85. happy viewer Says:
    October 30th, 2010 at 8:57 am

    I really liked Gretchen's collection! I was rooting for Mondo throughout the season, but Gretchen won me over with her collection. I thought Gretchen's collection was very on trend. I thought the styling hit the mark as well. The jewelry and hats are very current and the clothes looked beautiful.

  86. 2nd the "well put"

  87. I thought Mondo was doomed from the beginning of the season because he reminded me so much of Seth Aaron. And if you look at the viewer ratings, it would appear that a lot of people only watch the PR finals, so for a alot of people out there it would have been two seasons ending identically. In a way, as a series and not in the context of one season only, I think they did the right thing- choosing a winner of a different aesthetic, so as not to become predictable.

    That said, I think Mondo's collection was inferior to Seth Aaron's, and that this was the weakest season I have seen yet (I started watching season 5). So in the large scheme of things, they made the right call.

  88. Yeah, but they said that it was current thanks to her ability to feel the tune of fashion, implying that she would always be able to keep up whereas Mondo had a unique aesthetic that wasn't necessarily in dialogue with current fashion

  89. As opposed to the majority of commentators on here, I never thought that Gretchen was a manipulative bitch, and I did like her personally until the very end of the programme. Still, I am very surprised that she won this. I do see why Nina and Michael thought it would sell well. Some of the top pieces were very elegant and could easily be worn by women in their 40s, while the ultra-short shorts probably appeal to younger customers who like to shop at American Apparel (etc.). The jewellery was – quite simply – stunning.

    However, this programme is not about jewellery, and if you're looking for the next big designer, wearability shouldn't be the sole criterion. I was in utter disbelief at how quickly they dismissed Andy's collection. He should have used some darker colours, yes, and I did miss a showstopper, but his designs were very interesting and he used a lot of different techniques, most of which looked effortless. It's a shame he almost got no attention from the judges.

    All in all, Mondo should have been awarded the win. I didn't like every single piece, and I share Nina's opinion that some prints really do look too young and therefore wouldn't be worn by older women. He was nevertheless the most original out of the bunch, and an innovative designer should rather be daring than safe. Also, his work was very consistent throughout the season.

    It was a shame that it came down to Nina & Michael vs. Heidi & Jessica Simpson. From the moment the panel had been split into these two groups, it was clear how the whole thing would end. Nina & Michael mightn't have been right in what they said, but they are clearly more eloquent. They immediately countered every criticism towards Gretchen, and all that Heidi could say in Mondo's defence was 'But I love the polka dots!'. Jessica was rubbish as a judge. That's what happens when your fate depends on two nutters.

    Plus, why exactly was JS invited to be the FINAL judge anyway? She finds herself on the worst-dressed lists on an all too regular basis. The decision to have her on speaks volumes about the programme as a whole, if you ask me.

  90. LAME!

  91. Im so disappointed that Gretchen won. I think it is complete B.S. there wasnt any inspiration or creativity behind her line. It was probably one of the most boring collections Ive seen. I agree with Heidi fashion shows are about the fantasy. They can always put the ready to wear clothes in the show room. Who wants to look at someones grandmothers clothes?

    Mondo was robbed. At least he was interesting, creative and had his own view point.

  92. I'm dumbfounded. Gretchen's collection was very uninspiring and pretty ugly in parts. It's interesting how much kudos she received for being "on trend". Which basically means like all the other stuff around. Whereas Mondo was way more interesting and creative but not enough like everyone else. Very confusing. Don't they normally reward innovation and praise the "new voice". He was robbed.

  93. Very eloquently put. I was also very confused by the presents of J.S. There are countless young women in the public eye with a reputation for excellent taste in clothes and she is definitely not one of them. Maybe their 1st choice pulled out last minute?

  94. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!! Mondo should have won…definetly!!!
    I can't believe it!!!
    GO MONDO!!!

  95. Omg….I am still in shock! In utter shock! This season's was a no brainer from the start! I really thought it was gonna be Mondo hands down the most creative designer!….

    Makes me sad to think Project Runway has gone to the pits!

  96. I would wear every single piece in Mondo's collection. I am 30, but still dress like a teenager. i don't care that people make fun of me for it. For the past three years I lived in NY and SF and LA, I have seen Gretchen's clothes for years from Hipsters shopping at Vintage thrift stores. I am so bored by that look and the girls that dress like that are so full of themselves. They were nothing new, Not new, not fashion forward. It's like the government and the fashion world are both taking step back to an era where everything sucked.

  97. LMAO! That's true, she's become too fat for fashion!

  98. Sure, but you do know that TV shows are about the audience, right?

    It's not like we will change anything, but if you don't understand how people interact on the internet, too bad for you.

  99. I literally shouted in agony when they announced the winner.
    I don't think that Gretchen's clothes were terrible, but she did NOT deserve the win. Mondo is waaay more innovative and interesting. I could literally walk into Urban Outfitters and buy every piece from Gretchen's collection. Definitely can't say that about Mondo! His clothes were extremely flattering and wearable, and I think it's just because Michael Kors has been fake tanning so much that his brain is fried and he can't see it.
    It's so blatantly obvious that Gretchen won because she did what the judges told her to do. Mondo stuck to his guns and he lost because of it. What a JOKE. This season has been wrought with this sort of crap though. I love this show, but I honestly do not know what they are doing to it.
    P.S – Jessica Simpson is HUGE! What happened!?!

  100. I used to love NIna and Michael, but the last few seasons their comments are so inconsistent.

    Like Heidi said, they praised Mondo all season for his head to toe prints and craziness, then he got "outed" for too much print and craziness.

    Gretchen was criticized all season for being too boring and granola, then she won for being commercial when she did the same boring granola thing she's been doing. Why wasn't it good enough throughout the season, but suddenly they love it?

    Michael C was kicked off for having a one-color collection, then a one-color collection wins.

    They tell Gretchen that fashion shows are more about fantasy not about what you would actually wear, then they criticize Mondo because they wouldn't wear his outfits as he styled them (then they got mad at Heidi for trying to explain how Mondo's things could be wearable by restyling them… that's what you're SUPPOSED to do with fashion! Crazy runway shows, then making it into something wearable for streetwear.)

    Michael and Nina used to be great, but the last few seasons it seems like Heidi is the only judge who has much sense. I'm glad she speaks up more.

    They've been giving inconsistent criticisms to designers for a few years now, and I'm happy that Heidi calls them out on it.

    Anyway, I do think all 3 final collections were very, very good. I thought Mondo was a shoe-in to win (so did everyone else, apparently), but I think he lost because he's a little too similar to Seth Aaron from last season. Oh well.

  101. I guess the biggest surprise for me was how they most conveniently didnt show Tim Gunn's hissy-fit with Gretchen when she was a groupleader… Now who's playing it safe ;o)

  102. Her relation to how she felt throughout the whole season really does picture in one's mind "running through thunder," and this is why i love the expression, it's just so touching.

  103. I actually really liked this season, and I was happy with the result. I called the final three early on, and was glad the judges agreed. I really wish that viewers and commenters on this site would think more before posting negative responses based mostly on a contestant's popularity instead of their skill or potential. Here's what I thought:

    I loved Andy for his personality and handsome charisma, and I always liked his style. I also loved the look of his collection and the headpieces. I did agree that it was safe and kind of one-note, and so although I'd probably wear all of those pieces, I see why the judges counted him out.

    I loved Mondo's style and especially the way he fit his clothes, and I did love that polka dot dress, but mostly because of the fit. Although I liked his collection, I agree that many of the clothes were costumey and young, and so I'm ok with the judges deciding that they didn't want that style to win.

    I was never a Gretchen-hater, but I think she made some enemies with the way she said things throughout the season. I am not a fan of her clothing because I don't like the Arizona-neohippie-boho style, but I see that she is a creative and talented designer and I think she put a lot of work into her collection. It was cohesive and interesting, and if the judges felt that hers was the look of the future, I am ok with them making her the winner.

    Note that Heidi and Jessica (boy, does she look fat, and something's wrong with her face – Botox?) thought Mondo should win but they also loved Gretchen's clothes…if they truly felt her collection wasn't worthy, they wouldn't have given in to Michael & Nina. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing Michael & Nina, or at least Nina, replaced. I am sick of them!

    Overall, great season! Thanks so much for posting.

  104. I am really sick of Nina and would like to see her replaced, but I must defend her figure – she is pregnant!

  105. I did think Gretchen deserved to be in the finale and I disagree with your first paragraph, but I completely agree with your other comments about Andy and Mondo.

  106. Gretchen's collection is very boring to me and not surprising…….
    Mondo's collection is more interesting and in my opinion, he should be the winner!

  107. so so so AGREE with you!! worst result ever…

  108. BOO!! :( worst PR ever…
    I think that this season has the worst talent out of all seasons
    and more, for the result???!! whaaattt??!
    it is so so untrue….
    I actually believe that they may be a possibility that Michael C's collection may have been better than grethcen's….

    to be honest when I started to watch the runway of grethchen's I felt so bored until I didnt even pay attention on her stuffs, and later after I know about the shocking winner, I looked back on her collection, try to analyse it more and still not impressed with it boo….
    well, her collection is not even memorable! tell me a pice of hers that stand out of the crowd?!I couldnt…but if you ask me about mondo's I know of which is memorable!

    besides, I think gretchen wins because of the plea of how terrible her life was, and trying to get symphatize from the judges, I guess…how pity of her :(

    I could only see mondo's collection in the future, not hers…sorry…

  109. MONDO should've won!! that's all i've got to say!

  110. WHAT!!
    Mondo was robbed and why on earth is Jessica a judge? Isn't she just a 'designer' by choosing designs made by actual fashion designers what should be in her line???
    Michael and Nina needs a vacation from the next season if there will be one.
    This is when I want to watch a new season of Project Runway Canada .. but that won't happen thanks to the stupid idiots at Global …. *just a vent*

  111. hahahahahahahahaha!!! I was thinking the exact same thing!!!

  112. JS almost looked like she had dental work done just before taping. Either that or stung by a wasp. The outfit she wore looked like a sparkling moo moo.

  113. This season they had the best runway music. I absolutely loved it all three designers' music.

  114. Agreed! Gretchen deserved to win – hers was the most polished and wearable of the three. I love Mondo, and he has received enough press from the show to go forward. Andy's collection was underwhelming, he was clearly third place from the moment his first look appeared on the runway.

    Thanks so much for posting!

  115. Heidi sounded so angry that I knew who was going to win before she told it.
    There was not much joy in her when she announced winner, it felt bad to watch it. For all of them.

  116. he won't ;)

  117. I'm not a fan of Gretchen, but I loved her collection as ready to wear. I would wear all her dresses (especially the last one) and her jewelry in a second. Like Nina and Michael Kors said, her look is chic, effortless, sexy and so, so current.

    Mondo I've loved all season long, but I was disappointed by his collection. Even though there were some standout pieces, I didn't care too much for the aesthetic.

    I'm sad Mondo didn't win, but in my opinion, Gretchen designed the better collection :(

    And while I think Jessica Simpson makes a joke of a judge, I thought it was rude of Michael Kors to say to her, "Hellllooo, open a fashion magazine", when Heidi was saying the same things as Jessica.

  118. I hate to say it because I thought Gretchen played up to the camera too much, but I think she deserved to win. Mondo's stuff looks more exciting but it has more to do with the fabric he chose than the style of the clothes. If you put his designs in plain black, I think they would look like something you bought at a lower-rent mall. Mondo does mix fabrics very well, though, and I liked his quirky personality.

  119. WTF?

    And Jessica Simpson as guest judge for the final? Jeeze…

  120. After seeing Michael Kors boring spring fashion online at Elle online I now understand why Gretchen won, he was helping his own line. When he said the casual easy to wear sportline was where fashion was leading…what he really meant and that is what he is showing. Take a look at what other fashion designers are showing- his just doesn't measure up.
    Also on Elle there is a little red dress shown by the petite brunette on the show ( Iforget her name) absolutely fabulous,

  121. I wonder if that reality show Jessica Simpson does happens to be on the same network? That`s probably why she was the guest judge, they are trying to boost her show up by giving her an appearance on this show. So now she is a guest on a show about fashion and she is wearing o dress that makes her look like a tank. FAIL

  122. twistedblckbird Says:
    November 10th, 2010 at 10:52 am

    Gretchen's cloths 'current'? I know fashion's slightly different in the US (I'n in the UK) but not that freaking different. As for Mondo being costumey (is that how you spell it) Did Michael or Nina see the spring/summer collection in Milan recently? Models with melons on their heads love and Ms Prada wore plastic banana earrings! That freakin FASHION!!!

  123. twistedblckbird Says:
    November 10th, 2010 at 10:53 am

    was it me, or did she have trouble moving her mouth…

  124. I just didnt get it.
    I like Gretchen, and I liked her from the beginnig. But Mondo deserved it so much better.
    The judges didnt even speak about any of Gretchen's looks specifically, because neither of them was special.
    On the other hand, they talked about a lot of looks from Mondo that they liked.
    I just think that Michael Kors and Nina Garcia felt that Mondo didnt listen to them, so they trowed him under the bus. If he had cuted the poked dot dress he would probably win.
    This was one of my favorites seasons, but that was a really bad decision.
    Just angry right now, tomorrow I'll be fine

  125. Oh, and Jessica Simpson looked so fat and boring. She didn't even state her point of view loudly enough. She looked scared, and nobody valued her opinion. If it was Viktoria Beckham for example, saying that she liked Mondo's stuff he would':ve had a better chance.

  126. There are people, like me and my friends, who work in the fashion industry AND watch PR. So dont tell me the audience is stupid.

  127. I loved Mondo from the very beginning.
    But, I also like Gretchen. And I think she is a designer with a vision, I am actually satisfied with the outcome. I don't like it, when the "good"/"bad" card is being played, and someone simply HAS to win, because he/she is "the good, nice, brave (whatever)" one.
    I rather wear Gretchens cloth, it is simply, but with a twist, it is so much more interesting. But I like the stuff Mondo was doing as well. But I think Gretchen is really a modern designer (like it or not people, yes she is modern), and she really created fashion, not just "wearable clothes"….

  128. PS:Sorry for the bad grammar or whatever I did there
    PPS: And so Mondo deserved "it" because he is that cute, adorable little monkey boy with this school boy trousers? ;) I loove him.

  129. I think Gretchen's clothes were nice. She took on their critique which is ultimately what they're looking for.

    Seriously though, her collection was very much what you would actually find on a runway. Mondo's was interesting, but there was just something about Gretchen's that sold me.

  130. fuck off gretchen

  131. also THE WORST model won

    get rid of nina i hate everything she says

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