August 25th

Ultimate Big Brother UK – Episode 2 (Youtube)

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11 Responses to “Ultimate Big Brother UK – Episode 2 (Youtube)”

  1. see they have not even had 1 night in the house and josie already bitching about coolio.. this is why i cant stand her fat flabby ass..the man ant said 2 words to her and she off whispering in someone ear about what she thinks of him.. with that fake ass laugh she has hahahaha!!! sound like a dead goat gasping for air…what i wont to say im not going to because it will come off being very Malicious and im really a very cool funny guy. but i feel josie sucking it out of me lil by lil everyday sort of like a cat sucks the air or life from a babby by siting on it's chest ….so im going the chill and see what happens on the coming eviction…

  2. whats that song playing ?????

  3. just watchin nadia talking to josie, i was kind of surprised that she would say what she did, it sounded like she was telling josie that john james and his feelings for her have all been an act, you could see how upsetting it was for josie to hear that, i mean its the first day and now josie is going to have to feel unsure about jj and be counting down the days for 2 weeks to get out and see how he feels, i was upset by what nadia said, i am not the biggest fan of jj but you can see she loves him and no girl should have to listen to someone to come in and tell them things about their boyfriend making out his feelings were not real and she has to suffer on with the 'not knowing' until she gets out, this could effect her carefree mood now that she just started to show again. she went back in feeling on top of the world and thinkin jj was outside waiting for her and i think now she will be feeling sick with unsureity over what nadia said..

  4. who is nadia to give an analysis on the relationship and how JJ feels, she never met him and she knows josie 2 mins… even if i was sure i would not tell a girl this to upset her when she loves him.. especially when she will have no contact to ask him for 2 weeks didnt like how nadia did this, it was like she wanted to hurt her or a jealous thing or something, she was even saying i shud shut up now and she kept going, be interesting to see what else she says, im sure josie will have to question her more on this alone cos its obvious it hit a nerve….not a fan of nadia over that, think she shud of kept opinion to herself.. anyone agree?

  5. All this teasing and complaining about Josie…does someone have a schoolboy crush?

  6. o0o yea babby i love the smell of beef jerky in the morning.. me and josie together would be some Ike & Tina turner type shit……….. ill wind up being tina cause there's no way to get all that women off me (and she is a lot of women!!!!)…i can see her now in a german uniform screaming at me

    (( WERE"S MY Crisp AND CHICKEN FINGERS!!! ILL KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR RUTTER I WILL ))…. and im walking around with this big ass ball and chain on my leg and shit eating meatless bones she just throwing on the floor for me after she sucks the marrow out of them as well lol..:|

    thats whats going to happen to john james dont worry he will be writing a book call how i escaped concentration camp josie in a few years…

  7. nadia is a freak of nature thats one person i would never take advice from nether should josie.. i dont like josie but i agree with you on this one..who is she to give any advice to anybody looking the why she look or he for that matter… josie should now that nadia ant seen dick since the world found out about his lil secret.. like i said i dont like josie but atleast she has some one that mite and i say it again mite love her back.. were nadia has no one and will continue to have no one..

  8. LOL where's my crisp and chicken fingers.. eating meatless bones while on a ball and chain after she suck the marrow out lol.. were do you come up with this stuff..i can actually see a vivid picture in my head of what your typing.. your a funny guy i like reading your post..

  9. americansuck Says:
    August 26th, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    Who the fuc…k you nino think you are you stupid ass. Come to me and tell your stupid storis and lets see what happends.

  10. why should i come you when your already coming to me to read them…im only joking about josie but im dead serious about nadia. so sorry your panties are in a twist about nadia but if you took what i said like that then you must be a tranny having trouble finding a man all i can say is hahahaha!!!! keep hope alive…

  11. thanks nino, i dont get what just happened there wit comments, lol. ya i was on hols the series when nadia was in it, but knew she/he won so thought they must of been good person thats why was shocked when they came out with this, i was thinkin they wouldnt last 2 minutes if it was any other stranger comin in and talkin like that but nadia is a strager to me as i didnt watch her before so as for now dont see how they cud of won…..

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