May 17th

Survivor 20 Heroes vs Villains – Episode # 16 (Youtube)

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8 Responses to “Survivor 20 Heroes vs Villains – Episode # 16 (Youtube)”

  1. Yeah he NEVER got a vote….

  2. So spiteful, all of the jury, take a look at who played a better game. Sandra was just LUCKY and a coattail rider. Still love ya Russell <3

  3. Russell and P were better players! And Yes America should vote too!

  4. Yes…but it’s a social game and Russell failed majorly at that aspect. He can’t piss everyone off and then expect to win. He won $100,000, so it’s not like he’s walking away with nothing.
    I personally think that Parvarti should have won because she had to fight to get to the end, but I liked Sandra and I think that she deserved to win in her own funny way.

  5. total bullshit, she didnt deserve to win at all!!!!!

    either russel or P deserved it, fuck this, what an anti climax

  6. Russel is such an idiot and he behaves like a child. He said he hadn't played to win be he said plenty of times on camera that he was only there to win.
    He plays a stupid game and I'm so glad they all saw through it in the end and didnt give him any votes.
    Parvati seriously makes me feel nauseous everytime she opens her mouth, so it had to be Sandra. At least she's genuinely funny.

  7. I was so surprised that everyone fell for Russell's tricks in this season until I realized that none of them got to watch the Samoa season before going for this season. It makes Tyson and JT trusting him a little easier to understand – they didn't necessarily know what they were getting themselves into!

  8. Very disappointing outcome, I wanted Russell or Parvati to win.
    I'm glad though that Russell won fan favourite :)

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