May 12th

The Apprentice NZ – Episode # 13

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12 Responses to “The Apprentice NZ – Episode # 13”

  1. Thanks for the whole series x

  2. The final episode was a bit weak. However I think the right guy got the job.
    Terry should have said that he is looking for a replacement for is brother at the beginning. The ladies never had a chance.

  3. Thanks for posting The Apprentice NZ. I enjoyed every episode and the right man won!

  4. Agreed, plus the fact that Dave was in the final means that Terry would rather have some dick in the final over a woman.

  5. Like this series much better than the US one. Would have loved to know the back story earlier too but don't think it mattered fr the women. Right person got the job on the basis of consistency, people skills, and attitude. Would have loved to see the reaction of those back home. What kind of cool car is that anyway? Never seen anything like that. Thanks again for posting this series. I am hooked on international reality shows!

  6. I agree with you guys, I think it should have been Catherine and Tom… The auction thing is a easy project and should have been held earlier in the competition…
    I would also Thank for posting this..I really enjoyed watching!!

  7. It is a BMW 5. :)

  8. LaShaundra Says:
    May 15th, 2010 at 12:57 am

    The right person won. My favorite from the beginning.

    Thanks for posting the series. I really enjoyed it.

  9. Dave's not a dick – he's one of my friends and a bloody nice guy. Good on him for getting to the final – and well done Tom.

  10. The right guy won,,he was my favourite.
    Thankx for the posting i enjoyed it all.

  11. Dave was a bit gold club for me. Like an eager beaver that looked like a beaver. I guess the genital public will give him some pats.

  12. Never disliked Dave throughout but he was bloody annoying the last few episodes, who is he to say (approx 100 times) he wants it more than Tom? How can he know who wants it more? Just because he jumps up and down and makes the most noise about it doesn't mean he wants it more.

    The right man won, I hope he does well :)

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