April 23rd

The Apprentice NZ – Episode # 10

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8 Responses to “The Apprentice NZ – Episode # 10”

  1. Karen's credentials "company manager and healer"

    um…. what?

  2. Linda deserves to go. she was more focusing on the VIP star rather than selling the product! thank you for posting this!

  3. Karen explained one time what the "healer" thing meant. I have to admit I am rooting for Tom. He needs $200k with 5 kids!

  4. She had to go. Giving the people the shirts and photos without them actually paying for the water was just dumb.

  5. I'm expecting Karen to go soon, I really am tired of her * bewildered looks* in the boardroom. She needs to step up and take ownership of her actions. This Yank is rooting for Tom. Thanks for keeping us up to date with this show.

  6. I know you are swamped with so many shows, but do you have an idea when the next Apprentice NZ will be posted and is there any chance of getting Masterchef NZ?

  7. I've not been able to find episode # 11 yet, working on it though :)

    Had quite a few requests for Masterchef NZ so am considering it but no decisions yet.

  8. I swear to God Mr Serapisos or whatever his name is has been to some sort of "effective business gestures" course. He looks like a Thunderbird! And Karen wears the SAME DRESS to EVERY BOARDROOM, seriously. Anyway, thanks for posting this, as a Kiwi living in France it's nice to see my home town and hear that cringy NZ accent :)

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