March 31st

Top Chef 3 – Episode # 14

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10 Responses to “Top Chef 3 – Episode # 14”

  1. hi!

    Part 3 video isn't working.

  2. Working fine here and it's had 400 views – you'll have to be more specific?

  3. Still doesn't work today for me.

    It says ==>
    "error stream not found "
    "Technical diffculties have prevented this video from loading."

    I tried on 2 different computers with different internet connections and it still doesn't work.

    Not sure if it has to do that I'm in Taiwan.

    Thx and thank u for uploading my fav TV show!


  5. That was the one I didn't want to win…bummer.

  6. agreed. i respect hung for being so technically proficient, but he is so arrogant and conceited.

  7. Casey was my favorite contestant this season, so it was frustrating to see her flounder after such a strong run.

    It would have been nice to see Hung knocked down a peg or two, but props to him for being the only one to risk making a dessert. It would have been interesting to see if he would have still been crowned the winner with Tre competing in the endgame.

    As for Dale, I definitely didn't expect him to make it all the way to the finale, much less to second place. But I'm happy for him; he seems like a genuinely nice guy, and most of his courses looked absolutely delicious.

    The live audience made this episode feel cheesier and less suspenseful than other finales; I'm glad this is the only season that they included one.

  8. yes,, perfect,, an episode live n_n

  9. I think that Hung should have won. Although he was arrogant, Dale lied about how much the scallop dish was his. It was 100% CJ's dish and he didn't deserve credit for it. It also goes to show that even though Dale was knocking on Hung the whole season for being cold hearted, he himself wasn't even an honest person.

  10. Hung did won!!! what show where you watching?

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