February 2nd

Top Chef 2 – Episode # 10


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http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc2rid http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc2rlq


4 Responses to “Top Chef 2 – Episode # 10”

  1. Sorry, serving raw chicken is a hanging offence. NO excuse. Marcel should have gone before he even got to judges table.

  2. Cliff should have gone home, he insisted on being front of house & he was really bad. Being front of house shouldn't ensure immunity.

    It was unfair of Michael to go home, what was his mistake? Not buying olive dishes? He's a chef, not a restauranteur. The mistakes of other people were far worse i.e. raw chicken, "nauseating" dish.

  3. @Sour Grapes: …raw and slightly undercooked chicken are really different. The chicken wasn't even pink in the middle. It wasn't out spreading salmonella, it just didn't taste perfect…

    @Laura: I kind of agree with you on this. I would have sent one of the other bottom 3 home. I think they were just taking into account his past performance and realized there was no way he could possibly end up as Top Chef.

  4. it's funny how much better the chefs seem to be in the later seasons.

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