January 29th

Top Chef 2 – Episode # 9

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc11so http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc11vx http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc125l


6 Responses to “Top Chef 2 – Episode # 9”

  1. I seriously don't understand why the all hate Marcel… he doesn't seem that awful!

  2. Because of all the stuff that gets said and done off the camera? Top Chef has been very good with NOT playing up the drama and instead concentrating on the food. If the stuff he said in the last elimination is indicative of his personality, then I can see he might be a chore to deal with… especially since these people are stuck in together in small quarters for the duration of the competition.

  3. Considering that they are even being filmed when they sleep, I doubt Marcel has said something super horrific that wasn't captured.
    In addition, if Bravo wanted to avoid focusing on drama, they wouldn't have included things such as they "I will beat you up so badly your mother won't recognize you" comment.
    Finally, the other chefs act so inappropriately that nothing can justify their behavior.


  5. god i can't believe how immature some of the contestants are! seriously when they gang up on marcel they seem no different from high schoolers!!! i would say that Marcel definitely does NOT have the worst people skills in the competition

  6. Like someone said, they're constantly filmed. I guarantee if there was something so bad they would put it into the show. The cast are just jerks to Marcel. They picked someone to just bitch at and unlucky for him, he got chosen. I'm not saying he's perfect, and there are some things he says that make me roll my eyes, but he's not THAT bad. I've seen much worse. I actually like Marcel and see past the way he talks. He's just insecure and says things that come out the wrong way. They should all be ashamed of how they treated him – especially Betty and in the end, Ilan.

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