November 19th

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 – Episode # 13 (Zshare)

Remember to watch episode # 12 first which is the finale, don’t see this as the most recent post in the category and accidentally click play as you’ll be spoiled within 2 seconds. This is an extra show that aired after the finale :)

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One Response to “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 – Episode # 13 (Zshare)”

  1. Bianca "Where do you think you came from? Your mom?" Well yes Bianca. The last time I checked, she was the one that carried me around for 9 months and was the one that pushed me out of her whoha, so ya Bianca, I came from my mother. And you?

    I didn't think I could love Laura more, but I was wrong. Between the star shaped pancakes, her being freaked out by the fur of a kiwi, her describing sex to Nicole and her "practice this…shut the fuck up", I just adore that girl.

    Okay, not for some basic observations. Lulu is still a stank bitch. I thought the game Kara made was fricken' awesome. How fun. I love Nicole's art. I loved the cheesy black and white drama movie music playing during the Erin crying and whiny segment. MIA on Dani! Still love her. A big EW to Sundai for eating the bugged deviled eggs.

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