November 19th

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 – Episode # 12 (Zshare)

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18 Responses to “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 – Episode # 12 (Zshare)”

  1. Nicole?! how disappointing….

  2. Fuck you Tyra! So predictible. Laura was great on the runway. Nicole no ofense but that wasn't a signature walk, that was a mess.

  3. It was obvious that they'd decided to pick Nicole already, so they had to pretend to like her runway walk so they could justify their decision. But seriously, that was a MESS. She looked like Lurch. I do agree that most of her pictures are better, but she'd never get booked — she has no personality. I know it doesn't really matter, neither one will get any work, but I do wish Laura had won. She looked awesome on the runway tonight. She did us Southerners proud!

  4. Thanks for the spoiler guys…..

  5. please don't post comments that will spoil the episode!!!

  6. Thank gawd Nicole won>>> we dont want any average and commercial looking girl winning we need fierce high fashion!!!!

  7. I liked them both. Very happy Nicole won. The geeks and "rejects" in school are kicking butt in modelling too now. watch out "popular" people..hahahhaa

  8. Umm, you can't really comment on the episode without commenting on the who won. It's different if someone posted the winner on any other episode, but I suggest not reading the comments on a finale until you've watched the whole show.

    I tell you one thing, if that art that was shown behind Nicole in the home movies is hers, then she is really pretty damn good. I am thrilled Nicole won. I think she is beautiful and will definitely work. She is just shy of "model height" and photographs soooooo much taller.

    I adore Laura. She is the most genuinely good person and probably the fan's most favorite contestant ever. She will be fine. I can see her doing print work and even TV work. I know the dyslexia would be a problem, but I think she can conquer it and be a star.

  9. YAY! They were both sweet, and it was refreshing to see the show get rid of the mean girls. Laura is a dear, but Nicole is a star. Score one for the Ginger Geeks!!!! Hooray!

    (And of course they pre-select throughout the filming…it's a business, not a fair competition. That's why Wilhelmina Models cut that one girl early…they couldn't let her win because it would have been a bad business decision.)

  10. Yay! Nicole was my favorite from Day 1. Laura is awesome too, and I hope she can be a successful model like some other finalists. But Nicole is just so so gorgeous, and awkwardly adorable.

  11. Nicole is what you call high fashion model, I did high fashion and that is what is aquired for a real model to make, i knew that Laura would not make from the start she does not have that look to make it far as Nicole so for all you idiots that want to judge Nicole make sure you have done modeling yourself, you would not understand why they picked her!

  12. So glad finally the girl I picked from the start went on to win the show! Nicole was great and I enjoyed watching her grow on the show. Laura is awesome aswell and won't need to worry.

    In regards to the few people who mentioned dont spoil the show by saying who wins, I say dont read comments until after your done watching. Commenting is as it stats, commeting on what you've just watched and thats what people should be aloud to do.

  13. I am soooo happy! I loved both girls so much since episode 1 and couldn't even decide who I wanted to win! awesome season. I hope to see more of these girls.

    I get annoyed with people who post who wins in earlier episodes (had to stop reading comments on already aired shows for the same reason), but it's ok to comment on the final results of the video you just finished watching (no further!)… otherwise, what's there to comment on? That's why the comments section is BELOW the video.

  14. It's funny how Tyra emphasizes that Nicole is the first "petite" model they've picked, when Eva, Cycle 3's winner, was half an inch shorter. Ha!

    Nicole's look is so ethereal and delicate, like a doll. She somwhat reminds me of previous AusNTM winner Alice, and it's not because they're both redheads.

    I think Laura did better than Nicole on the runway, if only by a fine margin, as both girls were subpar. Between Nicole's shoulder lurching and Laura's wobbly arms, it was hard to tell which one was worse. It's not the first time ANTM has picked the girl with the weaker walk. Back in Cycle 7, Caridee was picked over Melrose, even though she was the weaker walker (and ripped a part of Melrose's dress on the runway). Either way, runway wouldn't matter so much with a petite model. They tend to do more photography work than runway (for obvious reasons), and with that in mind, Nicole was the better choice. This season sucked overall, but they picked the right winner.

  15. Ohhhh… Although i am glad that Nicole has won i feel soooo sorry for Laura, i hope that she gets tons of brilliant offers because she is totally amazing. I was happy if either of those 2 girls won.

    And there goes another year for ANTM, and still really awesome!

  16. I'm glad Nicole won. As some comentators have already said, she is "high fashion". But I'm sure Laura will have a successful career also.

  17. Beauty Crazed Says:
    November 27th, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    She was my favorite right from the start, she has a little bit of Gisele in her….

  18. I keep wondering if the reason they both walked so bad is because they never wore high heels in any of the shows until the final. Did you notice that???? They were out of practice of wearing them.

    Once it got down to these two, I was fine with either of them winning.

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