September 25th

Site News – Back in Business

Well hurrah, it seems that the site issues of the last week are finally behind me. Now that I know you guys can view the site again it’s time to get caught up! I will take this opportunity to address several things in 1.

* The Subscribe to categories feature is currently disabled. That means if you are subscribed to receive email notifications when new posts are added you currently will not be getting them — because when I moved hosts I had to import all the posts over, the script thinks they are new and wants to send out an email about every one. That’s over 2000 posts it wants to notify 400+ people about, eep, obviously I can’t let this happen, so until I find a solution the script is simply turned off…and apologies if you did get several in a row a few days ago, this was when I discovered the problem.

* Humberto mentioned in the comments that the RSS feed was not working, I believe I have now solved this but let me know if you are still experiencing problems.

Other than that I think every thing is back to how it should be now, if there’s anything you’ve discovered though please do let me know as I am not aware of it.

Next up some questions I have been getting about shows:

* Where is The Amazing Race Asia 3 episode 2?
Unfortunately the user who uploaded the first episode has not done the second one, I don’t know if they plan to or not. I have searched high and low for another source but so far have only managed to find one who has the episode uploaded and they have embedding disabled so I cannot post it here. I will keep looking for a source and if you know of one please do let me know, in the meantime you can watch episode 2 directly on this youtube channel.

* Why can’t I view some of your Big Brother UK videos any more?
Over the last week I have been receiving more and more emails each day from youtube letting me know that channel 4 have made a copyright claim and have limited access to the videos. They have blocked any one from the following countries from viewing the videos:

Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, United Kingdom

Unfortunately this causes me a big problem, as I am from the UK — I can now no longer view my own videos. I don’t know why they suddenly have a problem with it being on youtube, I have been uploading it for years without issues and it doesn’t make sense that they’d decide now, after the show is over, to make their claims. It brings into question whether or not I will be able to post future series of Big Brother UK.

and finally…

* Can you post The Biggest Loser USA 6?
I would love to, but unfortunately cannot. I tried to do The Biggest Loser USA 5 and it was removed from youtube in a matter of hours, I tried to post it to dailymotion instead and it was removed from there. I tried to upload the first season a few months ago, but again that was removed within a few days. Some companies just don’t want their shows online and NBC is one of them — as it says in the FAQs I have no interest in playing cat and mouse with them, I post shows that I know (or hope at least) will remain online for many months to come, I don’t post shows that I know will be removed.

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  1. Keep up the good work. Your work is very much appreciated.


  2. Although it is a pity that we won’t be able to watch the biggest loser here, I still want to thank you for your efforts. Looks like a full time job to me, so thanks for investing so much time!

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