September 19th

Big Brother 8 USA – Episode # 32 – The Finale

3 Responses to “Big Brother 8 USA – Episode # 32 – The Finale”

  1. I actually ended up enjoying this, it was surprisingly feelgood, despite having the least likeable final 2 ever.

    Anyone who decided not to watch, give it a go, you might enjoy it :)

  2. I too enjoyed it only for the reactions they had when America’s Player was revealed.. Very funny! AND Im just glad Dick won and not that nasty, whinning wench Danielle… Dick is lucky Dustin annoyed the whole of America more then himself lol.. Well I just hope next year it will TRUELY be 14 STRANGERS in the house.. last 4 seasons of BBUSA some of them knew eachother and that makes it boring to me.

  3. It is one of the better seasons a lot of drama this year. I agree with Kaddy if they put complete strangers in the house for BB9 that would be a huge twist since all the twists in the past seasons houseguests know each other. Maybe next year they will bring back the viewers voting for who to evict instead of the HGs.

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