April 23rd

Survivor 14 Fiji # 10

Episode 9 Recap:

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  1. Crash! Bang! Wallop! what an episode!

    I think that was one of my favourite episodes ever I feel terribly sorry for Edgardo though, it’s always great to see people get played/blind sighted, and those looks on the ’3 horse mens’ faces when it dawned on them what was happening was priceless, but it’s always much more satisfying when I dislike the alliance or they were very smug. I don’t feel that they were smug/confident at all, and I much prefer those 3 to the other alliance (exception: Yao Man, love him).

    Yao Man is showing himself to be a real competitor, I am not sure it was the smartest move to win the Immunity challenge, I mean he was pretty instrumental in the last few tribe challenge wins and then he goes and wins the first individual immunity, there was no way he was going home that night but he’s probably managed to bump himself up a few peoples lists.

    Stacy – Hilarious at the reward challenge, everyone hates her! I was just disappointed there wasn’t a piece to camera from her about it. And what a great idea she had to vote for Edgardo rather than 1 of the 2 they were being ‘pushed’ to vote for.

    Earl & Casandra – Now these 2 I find cocky and smug.

    Mookie & Alex – Seriously, what was THAT? Just head into the bloody bushes or something to swap the idol, do it on the walk to TC, anything….anything would be better than how they did it!

    Dreamz – I don’t know what they heck kind of game he thinks he’s playing, is he trying to play both sides or is he actually loyal to Earl etc? Running around like a school boy telling tales certainly made this a great episode, but strategy wise he’s surely just shown himself to be completely unreliable and untrustworthy. Silly boy.

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